Wind chimes are a famous feng shui cure, which can be used in different ways for attracting maximum positive energy to a place by suppressing ill luck. As per feng shui belief, it is the gentle tinkling sound emanates from the chimes that keep away the negative energy and attract the positive vibes to the ambiance.

Though many use wind chimes indoor and outdoor, it is better to know the accurate wind chimes for you with some dos and don’ts.

 Wind chimes- Types And Materials

1. Metal Wind Chimes

With the pleasant metal sound of them, they repel or slow down the negative energy around your building. People believe that these wind chimes appeal to good wealth for their respective places. The different metals used for the construction of these chimes are 

  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Bronze

Where To Hang

You can hang them on the north, west, or north-west direction. Especially when put in the west zone, it automatically invites good luck to the family and helps the individuals to bring a reputation in their lives. It also enhances the academic performance of your children.

2. Bamboo or Wooden Wind Chimes

When the bamboo sticks hit each other they produce some mild clattering reverberation. Your house will be experiencing calm music generating a secure feeling at the interiors. This sound bounces off all the evil energies around you and channelize the holy vibes around you. Many people prefer them in their bedrooms too because of the soothing music. With the easy availability of wind chimes online in affordable ranges, anytime, anyone can set them up at their place.

Where To Hang

These chimes work best in the south, east or south-east regions of your building. Many believe that these directions are associated with trees and liberate plenty of wood energy.

3. Ceramic Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are made of earthenware, glass, or porcelain and are also known as pottery chimes. Along with their superior energy rerouting capabilities, they also serve the purpose of an antique showpiece for your house. They are available in different styles and they bring out the luck in many aspects of your life.

Where To Hang

West, North West, south-west, and northeast directions are ideal places to hang your ceramic wind chimes. Accordingly, it will bring good fortune in knowledge, love, and health. 

Wind Chimes- Dos and Don’ts

Though we are well aware of the wind chime benefits, there are some guidelines to follow while using such wind chimes at your place.

  • Never hang them over a door
  • Don’t hang the metal wind chimes in trees instead you can use the wooden chimes on trees
  • Never position the wind chimes directly over the sleeping and sitting areas as these may disturb people with its direct energy fields.
  • Use chimes in places where more clutter is present. The chimes help in redistributing the accumulated energy.


If you love the wind chimes, make sure you are properly using them. Don’t hesitate to place them indoor. Just keep an eye on the directions and materials by which it is made.

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