We have all got stuck up with so many confusing ads while thinking of any new purchase. The case is not different for washing machines. All brands and models of the washers seen in the ads are perfect for washing; though the realities are different. And the most heard about debates will be on the front load Vs top load washers. 

We will help you to conclude with a detailed comparison of the two models on different aspects.

Consider these 8 factors

Though the selection will merely depend on your personal needs, people generally look for the following 8 performance factors. Knowing the washer and dryer capability of each of them, you can select the best one for your needs.

1. The Convenience Of Using

Considering the cloth loading options, it is easy to use the top-loading washers. There is no need to bend while operating it. Especially for the aged users, struggling with joint and knee pains, the top-loaders provide an ideal height.

For front loaders, you must have to bend while loading and unloading the cloths. If you want to do the height adjustments, you have to use laundry pedestals of desirable heights.

The other convenient features of top-load are we can halt the operation in between and add clothes or detergents to it. It has got a lint collecting facility with better distribution of the fabric softener than the front loaders.

Winner: Top loader

2. Speed Of Operation

The mostly used washing aids inside the machine are agitators and impeller in top loader and front loader respectively.

It has proven that the machines with agitator clean the clothes faster. And obviously, the speed of front loader will be lesser than the top loader.

 The reason is the agitator causes motion by shaking and forcing through the machine which in turn causes vibrations in the machine. But nowadays in top load itself, you can find agitator-less models which offer better cleaning, more capacity and less water usage.

Winner: Top loader

3. Cleaning Efficiency

The top loader machines are the best working when there is minimal load on the machine. Otherwise, they compromise the cleanliness. But the front loaders are gentler with the clothes and effectively remove the stains completely.

If you are washing the larger kinds of stuff like pillows, cushions or comforters they won’t sink completely in water. That’s why the top loader finds difficulty in washing them.

Winner: Front- Load washing machines

4. Buying cost

With so many advantages in terms of energy and water efficiency and quality cleaning cycles, the front loaders are a bit costlier. They have got advance feature sets on the controlling panel accommodating variant fabric types and stain levels.

They are comparatively silent than the top loaders with the high-end motors and suspension systems inside.

Though the initial cost of the front loaders is high, over the long run the whole costs will even out in terms of energy, water, and detergent bills.

Winner: Front Loader Machine

5. Water Usage

The front-load machines use only one-third amount of water, detergent and energy compared to the top loaders. As an average, the top loaders use 30-40 gallons of water per wash and the front loaders use 10-20 gallons only.

Inspecting the water consumption of an average family, we can see that 17 % of the total water usage is on washing needs. Reducing this consumption level with an efficient front loader machine can better maintain our environment.

As per the customer reviews, most of them rated the washers of the front loaders as excellent whereas given poor or fair rating to the top loaders.

Winner: Front Loader Machine

6. Spin Speed

In the last round of the spin cycle, the front loaders assure 33% more speed than the top loaders. They drain maximum water from the fabrics before moving onto the dryer section. The spin speed of a decent frontload washer is 1300 RPMs whereas you can expect only 700-900 RPM in a top load washer.

The elevated spin speed in the front load machines will help you to pull down the load on your dryer. But you can point out a small drawback of increased noise due to the vibrations caused by the high speed.

Winner: Front loader machine

7. Mold issues

One of the most raised queries about the front-loading machine is ‘how to tackle the mold build up around the door?’ This indicates the increased maintenance overhead of the frontload machines. With practices like placing them on the good airflow areas, keeping the doors lightly open in-between the uses, etc, you can help yourself. 

But the top load machines are completely free from the mold issues. The washer-drum works on the principle of gravity and won’t leave any moisture content in the drum. Running the machine in the machine wash mode will help you with other hygiene issues in both machines.

Winner: Top load washers

8. Installation Complexity

If you are struggling with the space problem in your small apartment, it will be a headache to accommodate a washer and dryer. The front loaders offer a solution to this problem by leaving you out with the stacking solution. You can stack your dryer over the washer without affecting the functionality of both. 

But you never can expect such a placement of the washer dryer combo in the case of top loaders. It will restrict the lid movement of the top loader machine.

Winner: Front loader


The front-loading machines are blessed with a high-end feature set with energy and water-efficient mode of operations. Their overall cleaning and stain removal performances are well appreciable. They can also be stacked with your dryer at a compact space. All these modern well-built machines are a little expensive compared to the conventional ones and need good maintenance.

Taking the convenience of loading and unloading the cloths, the top loaders will be a better choice. All your quicker and simpler washing needs can be satisfied with this kind of machines. No special maintenance and cleaning procedures are required for these machines. As the upfront cost is less, these are easily affordable.

On the long run what matters will be your requirements and comfort. Identify the perfect needs and make a wise selection from the two washers.

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