Don’t you feel it a bit embarrassed, shedding skin follicles all time especially when your friends are around?

Dry skin is a common problem and the associated issues are many. The reasons may be diverse in different individuals like Seasonal changes, skin textures, some allergies, etc. Here we enlist the top DIY home remedies for you.

Great Home Remedies For Dry Skin

1. Olive Oil – An All Rounder

Include the olive oil in your skincare routine as a cleanser. The effects are many including the natural moisturizing and cleansing effects. Especially when you are having dry skin.


Gently massage the skin with olive oil and after that, try to cover the face with a warm towel. Finally, wipe off the excess oil from your face. Without stripping off the natural skin oils, it removes the dirt from the face.

2. Milk- The natural Dry Skin Remedy

Milk – rich in proteins and lactic acids are well known for its moisturizing properties. The lactic acid helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells. The anti-inflammatory property of the same will heal the skin rashes and locks the moisture inside it.


You can apply the milk mixed with water to the affected area. After 10-15 minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water. Do it for the whole body if you have intense dryness all over your body. Otherwise, consider the affected parts alone.

3. Oats – The Moisture-Locking Agent

While you consider the oatmeal as the inevitable part of your healthy diet, you may never think of its role in skincare treatment. Certain sugars and fatty acids in oatmeal lock the moisture in. This prolonged moisture retaining formula helps to fight against the dryness and itchiness on the skin.


Grind the oatmeal into a smooth paste with little water or milk. Apply this paste on the affected area especially on your face. With a gentle rub make sure the skin exfoliates properly. After 10 minutes, remove the mask with a gentle wash. 

4. Coconut Oil- The All-Time Remedy

I am sure you might have heard about the moisturizing properties of the coconut oil. And it no longer is your grandmother’s secret tip in skin moisturizing. It is the main ingredient of many top leading moisturizers available in the market. The studies show that coconut oil can effectively treat one of the worst skin condition called eczema; especially in newborns and kids.


Take two tablespoons of coconut oil in a bowl and make it warm. Gently massage the skin and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Gently, wash and wipe your face.

5. Concentrate On Your Diet

The solution for almost all our body problems comes through our diet. What about switching over to a liquid-based diet? 

The internal cell hydration is easily possible with high- level consumption of water. Other than that, try to include more antioxidants in your diet. They will minimize the cell damage and brings out a healthy skin for you. Do consider the foods rich in omega- 3 fatty acids for glowing skin.

“Be good to your skin, You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”


It is time to say goodbye to the dry skin problems as you are left with an umpteen number of  DIY options. Do try it and we bet the results are jaw-dropping.

Rose Punja

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