We always love to serve healthy dishes to our dear ones with utmost hygiene practices. The quality cooking vessels and the premium ingredients for cooking add up to this practice. But what about cleaning habits?  The fresh and clean vessels only will gift you a healthy way of dining. That’s why we are here to help you review some best dishwash gels in India that are affordable and skin-friendly too.

1. Vim

From the brand Uniliver, the name Vim has become the synonym for dish wash gel. Being the first of its kind in the market, still, it continues its legacy from 1993. They have incorporated the cleaning power of 100 lemons in this gel and it makes all your tough stains vanish in easy steps.

The pleasant lemon fragrance keeps your vessels odor-free and shiny till the next use. It is gentle on your hands too providing overall pleasant cleaning experience.

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2. Pril

Directly from the brand Jyothi laboratories, this liquid fight against the toughest greasy stains. More than two decades of market presence itself is the great proof of the quick action formula of this product.  The high grease dissolving powder formula helps you to clean the oiliest vessels within seconds. On each cleaning, it provides a fresh shine to your vessels along with its anti-bacterial properties. You can have four options in this, like lemon fresh, orange, antibacterial with neem and lime. 

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3. Giffy

The transformation from the dish wash bars to the liquid washes brought out this high-end kitchen mate to us. With its two fragrance versions like green lime and lemon, it ensures the utmost cleanliness in your kitchen with the active salt and lemon formula. With the inclusion of natural ingredients, and the double speed cleaning formula it conquered almost all the households. The giffy liquid promises the everlasting shine to your kitchen with the sparkling utensils. 

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4. Bacleen

With the power of fresh lemon, it removes the toughest stains from your utensils. The advanced grease busting formulation helps you to clean all your oily pans and bottles quickly. They will never leave scratches on your smooth vessels, at the same time providing a fresh look on your vessels all-time. No worries about your hands and skin, as they are completely safe to use.

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5. Presto

This product is popular amongst online purchasers with its effective dish wash formula at affordable rates. Amazon’s product takes care of your hands with its skin-friendly formulation. With one spoon full of this dishwash in a bowl of water will clean the pile of vessels in your sink. The attractive spill proof bottles are user friendly. Without leaving behind any white residues, it cleanses the vessels with a nice fragrance.

This product is available on Amazon


It is time to throw out that sticky dish wash bars that always leave some stains on your vessels. This is the easy era of cleaning your kitchen vessels with the dishwashing liquids. Make it a practice and ensure your family’s hygiene.

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