Natural rubber yoga mats are a popular choice among yoga enthusiasts seeking an eco-friendly and high-performance mat. These mats are made primarily from the latex sap of rubber trees, providing a sustainable and renewable material. Known for their exceptional grip, natural rubber mats offer stability during various yoga poses, preventing slips and enhancing overall practice. The material’s density and resilience contribute to effective cushioning, providing comfort without compromising on support. Many practitioners appreciate natural rubber mats for their non-toxic and environmentally friendly composition, as they often lack harmful chemicals commonly found in synthetic alternatives. With a focus on durability, comfort, and sustainability, natural rubber yoga mats have become a favored choice for those prioritizing both performance and eco-conscious values in their yoga practice. Let’s explore the benefits and top 6 natural yoga mats.

Benefits of Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

  1. Excellent Grip: Natural rubber has a high coefficient of friction, providing superior grip on various surfaces. This helps prevent slipping during yoga poses, promoting stability and confidence in practice.
  2. Sustainability: Natural rubber is derived from the latex sap of rubber trees, making it a renewable and eco-friendly material. This aligns with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.
  3. Comfort and Support: The density of natural rubber provides a good balance of cushioning and support. It offers a comfortable surface for yoga practice, particularly for poses that involve prolonged contact with the mat.
  4. Non-Toxic and Chemical-Free: High-quality natural rubber mats are often free from harmful chemicals such as PVC, latex, and phthalates. This makes them a healthier choice for both the practitioner and the environment.
  5. Durable: Natural rubber mats are known for their durability. They can withstand regular use without deteriorating quickly, making them a long-lasting investment for yoga enthusiasts.
  6. Biodegradable: Unlike some synthetic materials, natural rubber is biodegradable. When the mat reaches the end of its life cycle, it can break down naturally, reducing its environmental impact.
  7. Temperature Resistance: Natural rubber maintains its properties across a range of temperatures, making it suitable for various yoga practices, including hot yoga.
  8. Odor Resistance: Natural rubber mats often have minimal or no odor compared to some synthetic alternatives. This can enhance the overall yoga experience, especially for those sensitive to smells.
  9. Customizable Designs: Natural rubber mats can be produced in a variety of colors and designs, allowing practitioners to express their individuality while enjoying the benefits of the material.
  10. Easy to Clean: Many natural rubber mats are easy to clean, requiring simple maintenance to keep them in good condition.

Top 6 Recommended Natural Yoga MATS

1. Plyopic All-In-One Yoga Mat

Plyopic Yoga Mat

EXPLORE A REVOLUTIONARY GRIP – While traditional sticky mats cater to those with minimal perspiration, Plyopic mats are crafted for everyone else. Whether dealing with moist hands or engaging in intense hot yoga sessions, experience strength and confidence in your poses, seamlessly transitioning between movements.

VERSATILE FOR YOGA, PILATES, AND EXERCISE – Specifically tailored for Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts, including various styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Power, Hatha, Yin, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, and Hot Yoga. Additionally, flip the mat over and utilize it with footwear for gym or fitness exercises.

IMPROVED STABILITY AND ALIGNMENT – Elevate your balance and stability in every pose with a dense, non-slip 3.5mm rubber base that securely anchors to the floor.

ROBUST AND ECO-FRIENDLY – Engineered for longevity using environmentally conscious, SGS certified materials. Opt for a mat that feels gentle on your skin and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS FOR A LIMITED TIME – Unleash your individuality and stand out among your peers with our collection of limited edition designs. Secure your distinctive design now, as once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good!

2.Wiselife Suede & Natural Rubber Yoga Mat/Cork Yoga Mat

Wiselife Suede Yoga Mat

Top Layer: Crafted from 100% Polyurethane Leather

Middle Layer: Probalance Suede and Natural Rubber blend for optimal Balance and Cushioning deal.

Thickness: 5MM for the perfect balance of Cushioning and Stability Universal Size: 72 inches long x 27 inches wide, providing an Extra Large surface area

Base Layer: 100% Natural Rubber for enhanced Grip, with Suede on Top and Natural Rubber on Bottom Alignment

Guide: Featuring precise lines for proper posture, reducing the risk of injuries

Built to Last: Durable, Lightweight, and resistant to Sweat Safety First: Skid-Resistant, Non-Slip, and easily Washable

Health-Conscious: Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, and Cruelty-Free Materials

3.Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

CORK YOGA MAT: Boasts an eco-friendly construction with an all-natural, sustainable cork surface and a non-toxic, lightweight TPE rubber base, creating a high-quality yoga mat.

RESISTS DIRT & ODOR: The cork surface is resistant to moisture, ensuring it remains free from unpleasant smells and odors, making it a reliable choice for maintaining cleanliness.

IDEAL FOR HOT YOGA: Essential for various yoga practices, particularly heated and hot yoga sessions. As temperatures rise, the cork surface becomes more pliable, offering enhanced grip and comfort when slightly damp.

EXCEPTIONAL GRIP: The cork’s grip and traction improve with moisture and heat, delivering an outstanding grip for a secure and confident yoga practice.

DIMENSIONS: Sized at 68 inches x 24 inches with a thickness of 5mm, and weighing in at a mere 4.5lbs, providing a well-balanced and portable yoga mat option.

4.Tatago Yoga Mat

Tatago Yoga Mat

Extra-Large Yoga Mat: With dimensions of 84″x30″, this mat offers ample space for you to stretch and reach your full potential. Its generous size ensures that you can perfect your practice without concerns about your hands, feet, or face coming into contact with the floor.

Non-Slip Performance: Crafted with high-grade tree rubber and PU, this mat combines the natural cushioning of rubber at the bottom with a moisture-absorbing and secure-grip PU Leather top layer. The result is a non-slip workout mat that provides stability during your sessions.

Highest Quality Assurance: Unlike inexpensive TPE mats, this large yoga mat is meticulously designed for comfort, tailored for size, and built to withstand the test of time. It’s a durable choice for both men and women seeking a professional-quality, non-slip exercise surface.

Versatile Home Workout Mat: Ideal for home workouts, this XL yoga mat doubles as an anti-slip mat for exercise equipment and a reliable ab mat. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it caters to those in need of a top-tier yoga or exercise mat.

Environmentally Responsible Investment: Choosing a Tatago workout mat signifies a commitment to the environment by avoiding the disposal of cheap mats into landfills after short-term use.

Professional-Grade Design: Crafted by seasoned yogis, this exercise mat is non-tear, slip-resistant, and designed to withstand wear and tear, making it the best yoga mat for exercise equipment and a versatile outdoor yoga companion.

Tailored for Comfort and Safety: The thick padding of Tatago yoga mats provides joint comfort and support without compromising safety, avoiding the excess sponginess found in some mats.

Family-Friendly Size: Perfect for kids, the extra-wide dimensions make it ideal for child students to practice alongside you. It serves as a natural rubber mat suitable for kids.

Extra-Thick, Wide, and Long: Made from natural tree rubber, this yoga mat combines thickness, width, and length for an unparalleled practice experience.

5.Tigger Yoga Mat

Tigger Yoga mat

Crafted from biodegradable materials, our yoga mat is composed of 100% natural tree rubber, incorporating non-toxic foaming agents and non-AZO dyes. With a premium thickness of 4 mm and dimensions of 72” x 24”, it is designed to enhance comfort and support during a variety of floor activities, including yoga and pilates.

Tigger Yoga prioritizes superior quality, utilizing the finest materials for outstanding performance. The mat boasts excellent grip and slip resistance, making it well-suited for all styles of yoga, even in dynamic and sweaty environments.

Embracing eco-friendliness, our yoga mat is produced through a zero-waste manufacturing process, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. Experience a mat that not only supports your practice but also contributes to a healthier planet.

6. Hautest Health Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Fitness Pilates Mat

Hautest Health Cork Yoga Mat

CO-FRIENDLY: Sourced from a rapidly renewable and sustainably collected plant, cork is a 100% biodegradable resource. The natural rubber, also derived from a plant, is likewise fully biodegradable. Unlike plastic mats that endure for millennia in landfills, our mat offers a sustainable alternative that will completely biodegrade, reducing environmental impact.

NATURALLY ANTIMICROBIAL FOR A FRESH PRACTICE: Cork’s natural antimicrobial properties ensure a clean and odor-free mat, even during intense, sweaty workouts. Unlike rubber or plastic mats, this feature helps maintain a hygienic surface. Refer to the third photo for cleaning instructions.

ENHANCED NON-SLIP GRIP, ESPECIALLY WHEN WET: Cork’s traction improves with moisture, making it an ideal material for workout mats. While most people won’t sweat on the bottom of their mats, we’ve added natural rubber to enhance traction even further. If the mat feels too slippery, lightly wet your hands or spritz the surface with water for an improved grip.

NON-TOXIC ALTERNATIVE: Numerous studies highlight the hormone-disrupting and carcinogenic chemicals present in plastic (PVC) yoga mats. This natural mat is entirely free of these commonly found fitness mat chemicals, providing a non-toxic and safe option.

DURABILITY YOU CAN RELY ON: With a thickness of 4.5mm, the natural rubber construction ensures durability and resistance to tearing. The thick and robust mat is proven to withstand years of yoga practice or fitness routines, offering long-lasting performance.

“Inhale positivity, exhale sustainability – find your flow on a natural rubber mat, where every pose is a step towards a greener practice.”



In summary, natural rubber yoga mats offer a sustainable, eco-friendly, and high-performance choice for practitioners. Derived from renewable sources, these mats provide excellent grip, durability, and comfort while contributing to a healthier planet. The biodegradable and non-toxic nature of natural rubber makes it a responsible option for those seeking both personal well-being and environmental consciousness in their yoga practice.