Health drinks are beneficial to adults and children alike. The children may miss many supplements due to their improper eating habits and in the case of adults, this may be due to their busy life schedules. It is a healthy diet practice to include the tasty and multivitamins health drink in the regular diet. Here is the top trusted Indian health drink which has been in use for several years.

1. Cadbury Bourn Vita

The tasty chocolate flavor addition to the plain milk makes it yummy and kid’s favorite. Meeting up all the nutritional requirements for growing kids (like vitamin D, B2, B9, B12) along with calcium and minerals make it a perfect health drink for children. 50% of the content is cereals and the remaining is sugar, cocoa solids, glucose emulsifiers, and proteins.

  • Malted chocolate drink
  • hot or cold serving
  • Price: Rs. 653 for 2 Kg

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2. Ensure Balanced Adult Nutrition Health Drink

This health drink is specially designed for adults. In the hectic schedules of an adult, they may be missing so many nutrients in the diet. This drink will meet up all the vitamin and calcium requirements of the body and provides day-long energy to the consumer. Coping up with the digestive system, it improves the immune system too.

  • Vanilla and chocolate flavor
  • Metabolism regulator
  • Price: Rs. 545 for 400GM

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3. V-nourish Pedia+

The taste of real fruit and cocoa powder makes it an awesome health drink for kids. The 36 nutrients aid in the memory sharpening, stamina development, and digestion. Though there is no pre-biotic and pro-biotic inclusion instead all the RDA requirements can be met with this product.

  • Vegetarian product with chocolate flavor
  • Rs 315 for 200 GM

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4. Manna Multigrain Health and Nutrition Drink

The manna health mix is custom-made, especially for grain lovers. The 100% multigrain health mix without any added preservatives and sugars-that is the specialty of this product. You can find the blend of 14 traditional Indian bowls of cereal with pulses and nuts as the ingredients. One can make the milk or water-based porridge out of this. For children, it helps in bone development and immunity enhancements. It is also highly beneficial to pregnant ladies and elder people as it is easily digestible.

  • Price: Around Rs. 350 for 1kg
  • Beneficial to kids and elderly people

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5. Pediasure Health And Nutrition Drinks

This is completely fair nutrition to help kids to grow. The visible results of height and weight gain, immunity improvements, and better brain development on the kids tempt most of the parents to rely on this product. The 37 nutrients along with pre-biotic and probiotics, zinc, selenium, etc. improve the growth in children above 2 yrs.

  • Completely vegetarian product
  • Available in vanilla and chocolate flavor
  • Price: Rs.1150 per 1 Kg

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“A healthy outside starts from inside.”


All the above mentioned health drinks are well promising diet supplements. The approval from appropriate health agencies makes them reliable and the increasing customer reviews are adding up to this. As per your taste and requirement, you can find out the best option for you and your family.

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