In search of an effective floor cleaner that substitutes your previous odorless cleaning liquid? There are plenty! With their efficient cleaning, disinfectant, and pleasant smell they make themselves an unavoidable pick for the households and offices. Here is the list of top 5 disinfectant floor cleaners that are kid-friendly too.

1. Dettol Disinfectant Cleaner

Worldwide, the brand name Dettol is the synonym for disinfectant. This product from that brand is an effective floor cleaner with a fresh aroma. We can use it alone or mixing up with water to clean dirt and stains from diverse surfaces. This all-purpose multi-surface cleaner is in the top recommendation list of the Indian Medical association. Since it is dermatologically tested, it won’t cause any skin allergies.

  • Lime or menthol aroma
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Available in 1L / 500ML

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2. Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

Lizol is another unavoidable name in the list of Indian floor cleaning liquid. It removes 100 types of stains and germs from the surface.10 times better results are ensured by Lizol than the normal phenyls leaving your bathrooms, kitchen counters, and floors tidy. One can make regular use of it by diluting them with water. The direct application of the product has found effective in tough stain removals from the floor.

  • 7 different fragrance (including lime and floral)
  • IMA recommendation
  • Mega saver 2L pack

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3. CIF Floor Cleaner

The Cif disinfectant floor cleaner delivers quick stain removal with its unique formula. The non-toxic liquid cleaner can be used in the kitchen countertops, cupboards, and kids areas too. The undiluted use in the bathroom surfaces like tiles, toilet bowl, and washbasins guarantees 100 % shiny and clean results. It completes its action with a pleasant aroma and without leaving the grease, footprints, and stains on the surfaces. 

  • Wild orchid fragrance
  • Shiny clean with no rinsing
  • Available in a 1L pack

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4. Pine-Sol Lavender Clean

If you are searching for the concentrated liquid to clean the stubborn dirt and stains from non-porous surfaces, this will be the best solution. With its original pine scent, it disinfects and kills 99 % of germs. You can try it on all your indoor and outdoor furniture and appliances. This formula tackles the problem of foul smells inside your home by wiping out the odor-causing bacteria.

  • Original pine scent with deodorizing effect
  • Multi-surface safe cleaner
  • 828 ML bottle available

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5. Strategi Disinfectant and Insect Repellent Herbal Floor Cleaner

This is a cleaning solution for great natural product lovers. The insect repellent herbal formula helps to keep away the insects and germs out of your house providing a ‘safe for kids’ environment. Without the fear of harmful toxins, you can trust the product as it uses natural ingredients like lemongrass, cedarwood oil, and pine.

  • 100% herbal
  • Multi-floor utility
  • Available in 2000ML,500ML

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“If you clean the floor with love, you have done an invisible painting.

Live each moment in such delight that it gives you something inner.”


We can never compromise on the disinfectant floor cleaners as we believe cleanliness is next to godliness. From a plethora of floor cleaning solutions in the market, we made the top 5 picks. Go for any of them and you will never be disappointed.

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