CC cream which is the color controlling or the correcting cream is mostly used by people all around and makes an essential component in the makeup kit. These creams act a sunscreen and also hides the marks like a concealer.

1. Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care Face Cream

This was the first brand to launch CC cream and got a good response. It’s won the tag of the bestselling CC cream across India.

  • Blends in the skin smoothly and gives a fine matte texture.
  • Gives a very fresh look and is also affordable by price so loved by many people.
  • Not suitable for oily skin and does have very good coverage.
  • It makes you feel uncomfortable at the same time by making feel heavy over the face while looking at other creams.

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2. Oriflame Giordani Gold CC Cream

This cream is all in one makeup which can be applied on every occasion. This is very lightweight and gives a very smooth texture.

  • This has skincare properties along with the moisturizer and has good coverage. It hides all the spots and darkened areas.
  • Besides having a creamy texture it is also a long-lasting effect that keeps it intact over the skin.
  • It has fewer varieties over the texture so it becomes tough to choose your texture amongst it.
  • Moreover, it has a strong fragrance which may be harmful to many people as people have a lot of allergies.

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3. L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift CC Cream

This cream nourishes your skin and hydrates it and gives a very good look to your face without being heavy to the face.

  • Acts as a moisturizer and corrects your skin tone also at the same time.
  • Hides all the patches and is not heavy to apply over the skin thereby giving a glowing skin.
  • Not recommended for people below 40 years of age as it might lead to some skin problems.

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4. Physicians Formula Super CC+ Cream

This cream acts as a correction founder and has different color pigments present over it.

  • Along with sun protection, it reduces the signs of aging and gives a good texture to the skin.
  • It does not contain any fragrance so it is suitable even for very sensitive skin.

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5. Olay Total Effects Eye Brightening CC Cream

It’s suitable for the dark circles present beneath the eyes and blends with the skin color tone and brightens your skin.

  • Extremely beneficial for the eyes as it keeps the eyes moisturized and removes away all the dryness.
  • It is quickly absorbed by the skin.
  • The only downfall is that it comes in one shade. Also, it’s only suitable for areas under the eyes.

“Just put your favorite makeup and smile.”


We get a clear cut idea about the different CC creams available and what are the benefits and disadvantages of the particular cream. So it is important to match your skin tone and buy this CC cream.

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