Hair loss is becoming a serious issue from illness to poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance is the main causes of hair loss. To overcome this situation one must get into the root of this problem and find treatment.

1. Hair Loss From Thyroid Problem

Thyroid is a disease caused in the neck region. This is caused due to the imbalance in the hormone released by the thyroid gland named thyroxin. An increase in the release of thyroxin causes hyperthyroidism, which is an overactive thyroid. The decrease in the release of thyroxin causes hypothyroidism, which is an underactive thyroid. In both situations, the hormone level is getting imbalanced which results in the loss of hair. This is one major cause of hair loss. As we know hormones regulate our body control so these are also regulated. To overcome this problem treatment should be made to control thyroid which in turn will help in reducing hair loss.

2. Hair Loss due to Pregnancy

During pregnancy there is a lot of hair loss which takes place. To overcome this we need to study the root cause for this. The root cause of this problem is that after pregnancy and childbirth a lot of hormones get imbalanced which in turn affects the body. It takes time to come back to the normal level. So until then one might see changes in the body, most commonly seen is the hair loss. There might be patches of baldness over the head which also occurs due to imbalance in the hormones. This is often observed after three months of childbirth. This is temporary hair loss as the rest of the body recovers, the hair follicles also start coming back. So it is nothing to worry about.

3. Hair Loss due to Medications

Medicines are a part of the daily routine for a lot of health problems. These medicines put up large side effects on the body. Not all sorts of medicines lead to hair loss. Majorly drugs for depression, medications for blood thinning, or calcium source. Everything in excess is always harmful, the same goes with the nutrients like that of vitamins. Vitamin A when consumed in excess or some drugs for vitamin A are used may lead to problems of hair loss. Also studied that cancer therapy that involves chemotherapy is a major source of baldness because in chemotherapy treatment to kill cancer cells is done which results in damaging the body’s healthy cells. This is the reason for the hair loss as the cells die off and the body suffers several changes.

4. Types of Alopecia

It is a medical term for hair loss. They are broadly classified into two types namely-

  1. Alopecia areata: This is caused when the body’s immune system starts attacking the hair follicles which will cause stress. This is a severe condition. The treatment for this is that it can be treated but not cured and includes tropical scalp medication.
  1. Androgenic alopecia: this is a genetic disorder that is caused in both men and women. It varies accordingly. Medications may prevent further hair loss but there is no cure to this disease. Treatment includes medications or hair transplants.

5. Physical Trauma

It is a kind of stress to the hair follicles which leads to hair loss. When the body is under physical stress it causes disturbance in the hair growth cycles due to which hair disruption and other problems start arising. Hair comes out in clumps. Moreover this may be due to some sudden shock such as an accident or some burn. This may cause up to 75% of hair loss. So it is advisable that in such conditions one must not take stress and should be calm and keep patience.

6. Emotional Stress

Emotional stress may also cause a lot of hair loss. When a person is dealing with life-altering events it usually divorce or breakups that creates an emotional stress leading to disruption in hair growth cycles. This is the temporary loss of hair and brought under normal conditions once the stress is overcome.

7. Diet Deficiencies

The diet should be proper with all the nutrients. All the essential elements and nutrients including vitamins, proteins that we get from a well-balanced diet play an important role in the body. The changes in the body occur due to this. So one of the important reasons for hair loss is the lack of nutrients. Also it is studied that overconsumption of these nutrients may also cause such problems so it should be taken in proper amount and quantity.

8. Extreme Haircare

Haircare should be proper but in extreme. People usually try out different styles and apply various chemicals to hair. These chemicals cause hair damage. People prefer doing hair spa, straightening, rebounding, etc. these things in a way harmful for the hair so it should be kept in mind that to keep hair healthy and strong one must not practice these things and should not test. Care should be taken but should not be taken in excess.

9. Infections

Various infections and illnesses may lead to extreme hair loss. These infections are caused by bacteria or fungi. They harm the body and attack at the desired part of the head causing baldness or hair loss. One of the major infections causing this hair loss is syphilis which results in hair thinning or baldness. Treating these infections may cause a stop for further loss of hair and is done using medication.

10. Autoimmune Disease

Hair loss might occur due to the autoimmune diseases. These autoimmune diseases include diabetes. This type of hair loss is not temporary it is permanent. But treatment to these may compensate the loss not completely but partially. So precautions should be taken accordingly.

“Invest in your hair, it is the Crown you never take off”


So hair loss is a major disease that causes depression in the person and does not allow the person to be confident. So precautions should be taken to avoid this problem.

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