Un-boxing a feng shui gift set from your dear ones is a matter of great joy and excitement. But without knowing what it exactly means or where to place it effectively, the piece will be a mere showpiece and sometimes even channelize the energy in the wrong way in its surroundings. The humble feng shui tortoises are one of the powerful four celestial guardians of natural forces. People keep these turtles at their places for fortune, long life, calmness, and victory.

Different Turtles In Feng Shui

As per feng shui, the black turtles are used to channelize the positive energy in the north direction. These lucky water animal symbolize an ancient turtle emerged from the Lo river with the feng shui energy map on its shell. The two main feng shui turtles are,

1. The basic feng shui turtles (good luck bringing)

People believe that the feng shui turtles bring wealth, inner peace, long life, and professional rewards to your home. You can keep the statues or real ones at your home, garden, or office.  But without knowing the importance of the right placement of feng shui objects many of us place them at the wrong place in the wrong direction. The actual positioning practices of a basic turtle are,

  • Keep them in your living room facing the entrance of your home. They will channelize positive energy and guard the home and the occupants from bad luck.
  • At your workplace or office room, keep them behind you, for absolute support and security.

2. Feng shui dragon turtle (prosperity enhancement)

As the name indicates, the dragon turtles have got the head of a turtle and body of a tortoise. Most of the time they will be in a crawling posture on a heap of coins carrying its baby on the back. 

The dragon embodiment deals with the eastern direction energy flow commonly found in green color. On the other hand, the black turtle enhances the northern energy flow. Their combined effect will blow out prosperity, long life, and security in your life.  As per Vastu Shastra, for your special needs in your life, you can place them at

  • North or north-west corner of your place( believe that this will bring career advancement)
  • East or south-east for improving family wellbeing and attracting wealth

You can see some other common categories of feng shui turtles below:

  • A 3 tier turtle family with a large, medium and the small turtle is a symbol of longevity and depicts three healthy generations.
  • A mound-shaped figure of a turtle at your back yard can substitute a hill or mountain at the back of your property.
  • For better augmentation of your Pooja room Vastu, try out a dragon turtle sitting on a pedestal made of coins. They attract additional wealth and luck to your home, especially when positioned with a Chinese coin on its mouth.


The feng shui embodiments can be the game changers at your place. Properly controlling the energy flow at your place, they attract good fortune, robust fitness and occasions to you. Ensure the continual flow of blessing in your life with a smart feng shui turtle.

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