We all had those childhood days where we used to have the ink-stained uniforms or a leather shoe with an ink mark on them. We gave a tough time to our mothers with those stains. Now, the headache of our mother is ours. Trying out many methods to remove the ink stains from the cloths and leather?

 Don’t worry; I can help you out with several tips to tackle this problem. 

The ‘must know’ facts:

We all know the fact that dealing with ink stains immediately can remove them easily. But as it gets older, you must have to put more effort. So before moving on to the stain removal process, do keep in mind the following facts.

  • If you are dealing with an old stain, there is no guarantee that your methods will be 100 % successful. Be prepared for the traces out there.
  • Use all the chemicals with utmost care as they may damage your hands as well as cloths
  • A pre-check on the inconspicuous side of the garment is advisable as you can ensure the bleach won’t damage your cloth.
  • Don’t experiment with the delicate fabrics like silk and better give them for a dry wash.

The DIY methods for ink-stain removal on cloth

  I am happier to share my five successfully tried tricks of ink stain removal from clothes. After my so many trials and error experiments on different ink marks, finally, I found out the best solutions and here are they:

1. Try Out The Nail Polish Remover

Acetone content in the nail polish removers is great for removing stains. The same formula comes into use while using it for the ink stain removal also. 

  • Take 1 portion of nail polish remover with 2 portions of water and mix it well.
  • Make a trial of this mix on the unexposed areas of your cloth.
  • With a cotton swab, rub this mix on the ink stain for 3-4 minutes.
  • Wash it off with plain water

2. Body Spray

Using the body spray (or hair spray) directly on the stained area will be an easier stain removing technique. But be sure you are applying the spray in abundance.

  • Soak the stain completely with the body spray 
  • Leave it for half an hour and then give a normal wash. 
  • This will act like magic on the fresh stains and will fade them.

3. Lemon and Vinegar Mix

The good old stain removing technique with lemon extract is used in all households. What about the ink stains? Yes dealing with ink stains is not that easy. But just try out the combination of vinegar with lemon. 

  • Apply the mix profusely on the specific ink mark on your cloth
  • Rub the area with a toothbrush leave it for 15  minutes
  • Go for a normal detergent wash

The amazing results will make you jump with happiness.

4. Toothpaste

Recently I happened to read a write up about the marvellous uses of toothpaste (not the jell type) and the most attracting one was the stain removal property. It did wonder on my white t-shirt ruined with blue ballpoint ink.

  • Apply one layer of normal toothpaste on the ink stain and keep it for half an hour.
  • Give a regular hand wash with the washing soap. 
  • Rinse it with plain water

I am sure you will keep a separate toothpaste tube at your laundry place after your first trial.

5. Hand Sanitizer

I bet the genius trick of using hand sanitizer in ink stain removal will be a surprising idea for most of you. But just a blob of sanitizer can work for you on your stubborn ink stains. They ease out the job of your detergents.  After waiting for a few minutes with the sanitizer on the cloth, you can wash it off with a detergent cake.

Check out my stain removal tips for leather

Now it’s time to reveal the secret tips for the ink stain on your leather things. Leather care is an art. How many times did you leave your favorite leather shoes or bags behind only because of the ugly ink stains? Now try out my ink removing tips on your leather kinds of stuff.

1. Soap

As there are many variations of leather, on the safer side you start trying it out with the mild remedies. In that case, the soap-based cleaners will be the least harsh remedies for the ink stains on your leather. 

  • Try out the cotton swab dipped in the soap mix on the ink mark. 
  • Gently rub on them and you can see that the comparatively fresh marks will get rid of easily.

And still, finding difficulty with the tougher stains? Find out the following strict measures.

2. Amodex

This is the miracle formulae for all sorts of stains from almost every surface. Always keep a small bottle of Amodex in your laundry cabinet. 

  • Just spray it on the ink stains and leave the surface free. After some time you can wipe it off. 
  • You can see how quickly the stains are coming out. 

Never give up on the old stains as they require multiple treatments. And this is going to be a safe bet.

3. Acetone

A pure acetone bottle will be the straight away solution for the ink marks on your leather. As it’s the highly concentrated form of acetone, they will remove the ink quickly; no matter how old are the stains. Don’t pour it on the area. Instead,

  • Fill it in a spray bottle and use it at a particular area or seek the help of cotton balls.
  • Make lathers out of it with cotton swabs

What an obedient stain! The ink will be coming out, along with the lathers so easily with this acetone trick.


Now you will be thinking about all your favorite discarded clothes that too because of the small ink stain on them. No worries! Go along with the saying, ‘better late than never’. It’s time to rearrange your laundry kit with these simple add-ons. Don’t forget to share your experiences here after your trials.  I would be more than pleased to hear your comments.

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