The definition of style and beauty are changing day by day. And have you ever thought of showcasing your nails as your style statement? Yes, a set of long and natural-looking nails are an asset. Though many artificial nails and nail enhancers are available around you, I would like to add up some more natural tips towards nail care.

Nail Growth- An Overview

 Do you know the fact that the nail that visible is constituted with dead cells? Yes, the growing part lies at the base and is known as the matrix. When the matrix generates new cells, it automatically pushes out the old nail cells out and that is the visible nail plate. So when these nail cells lose their contact with the matrix, they die. So the proper nourishment for active nail growth should be done at the matrix at the nail bed part. Your nails won’t grow strong overnight. Here are some tips for active nail growth.

Nail Growth Tips

1. Nail is not an edible thing

Have you noticed nail-biting as the most nervous habit of many? And if you are one among, it’s high time to put a full stop.

It is one of the most unhygienic practices and invites many skin infections on the fingers and mouth. Also, the chances are many to enter the saliva with a lot of bacteria in it into the nail beds. It will cause infections strong enough to decay the nail roots.

The first and foremost nail growing tip is to stop biting the nails.

2. Be Diet Conscious

You eat healthily, but maybe in your terms. If you are so careful about the health and looks of your body, why can’t you compromise with your eating habits?

A member from vitamin B family- Biotin is well known for skin, hair, and nail growth. The inclusion of them in the daily diet (30-40 micrograms) can do wonders on your nails. Also folic acid-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, eggs catalyze the cell growth and hence the nail growth too.

3. Use Lemon Extract

The vitamin C will be a great growth booster for your nails. It enhances the shine of the cuticle by removing the yellow stains on the nails.


Mix up 1 tablespoon lemon with3 tablespoons of olive oil. Gently warm the mixture and soak the nails in it. Or in simple means, you can rub the nail plate with a piece of lemon for 5-7 minutes. The everyday application will give you faster results.

4. Coconut oil

The deep moisturization into the nail bed will precipitate cell growth. And the best part is you can’t get a better moisturizer than coconut oil.


Massaging the warm coconut oil on the nail contours and fingers will improve the blood circulation too. The nutrients in the oil enhance the cell growth and best treats all the fungal infections of the nail.

“Your life is not perfect but your Nails can be”


The nails sometimes play as the health-card of an individual more than a style symbol. Weak and brittle nails may be an early indication of some health problems. You can try out all the easy remedies possible and if you are still disappointed; do consult your doctor.

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