The smooth, glowing, flawless skins are the dream of all ladies out there. But all the ladies undergo through the acne problem at some age. With the increased pollution, stressed lifestyle, fluctuating hormone levels, and abnormal food habits may be the reasons for this. Both men and women are equally prone to acne.  Here are the top 8 ways to remove any type of acne scars from your face at the comfort of your home.

1. Aloe Vera

This is the greatest antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent from nature. No wonder they are creating magic in the skin sustenance and scar treatment. They can improve skin elasticity. The application of this gel 2 or 3 times daily with a gentle massage will make the scars vanish soon.

2. Lemon

No other bleach can beat the effect of lemon in face cleaning. They remove the dead skin easily and provide deep nourishment to the young skin cells. Thus they lighten the acne marks gifting a new glow to the skin. You can apply it directly or in combination with honey to the scars. A daily application of 10 -15 minutes will be enough.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the storehouse of fatty acids and vitamin E. The rejuvenation effects of the oil bring wonders to the skin. The intense nourishment provided by it will reactivate the skin cell growth. With a gentle massage, apply warm oil on the scar for 10 mints. After an hour clean the face with Luke warm water.  

4. Honey

The healing properties of honey are well known. The same comes into action for acne treatment also. Every night one can apply honey on the scars and cover it with a bandage.  Leave it overnight and clean it with Luke warm water in the morning. Daily application will give you speedy results.

“Invest in Your Skin, it’s going to be with you for a long time.”

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

The pigmentation problems on the skin are best dealt with the acids. In that sense, the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar will be a great solution to your acne scars. The precipitation of the collagen production and cell repairing will be the main function of them on the skin. With cotton balls, apply a small amount of the liquid on the affected skin area. Clean with plain water after 20 minutes.

6. Potato

Potatoes are a rich source of starch. The starch blemishes and fades the acne scars with a soothing effect on the skin. You can extract the juice of the grated potato and rub it on the acne scars. 20 mints duration will be enough to get it to start working deep into the skin. Clear the skin with plain water rinsing.

7. Turmeric

The vibrant skin is not at all a dream now with the inclusion of turmeric in your skincare regime. The anti-inflammatory properties help to heal all the inflammations on the skin with the Curcumin content in it. You can mix it with honey, yogurt, or lemon juice to form a paste. Slowly apply it on the scar twice a day. 

8. Vitamin E Oil

The great antioxidant property of vitamin E oil will take care of all the repairing needs of the skin. You can either directly apply the gel on the scar or mix it up with the castor oil. Before bed apply it on the acne scar and wash it off the next morning. 

“Glowing and Clear Skin is always In”


 We all are behind beauty products and chemicals to make our skin look perfect. But we must take care of the health of the skin through internal nourishment. This will automatically leave you with young and smooth skin without any marks or wrinkles.

Try out the small tips regularly and witness the magic.

Rose Punja

About the Author

Loves coffee and animals. Is an extreme admirer of gardens and nature. When not bird watching, Rose prefers to blog and write about home improvements and wellness.