Do you remember exactly when you cleaned up your make up tools and brushes? Don’t worry; I too was like you before I heard the pros last year. As per them a regular cleaning of your makeup tools will help you to stay away from the bacterial build-up on your make up tools. The normal makeup artists clean their tools thoroughly at the end of the day and ensure utmost hygiene to the most sensitive parts like the skin and eyes.

Why Clean The Makeup Tools

The first and foremost answer is related to hygiene and health concerns. Check out some other relevant points on this aspect.

  • Dirty makeup brushes will cause rashes or infections- use disposable applicators
  • Replace the expired cosmetics from your beauty kit
  • Keep your cosmetic creams and lotions in a cool and dry place to prevent bacterial growth
  • The clean beauty products and applicators always give better results
  • The frequent cleaning of such tools can elongate their life too

1. Makeup sponges

If you don’t enjoy the luxury of replaceable sponges, you can try out these weekly cleaning tips for them. Some brands will offer their cleaning blends or else you can prepare one easily.

  • Wet

Wet your sponge with warm water. Make sure that it is completely immersed in water so that the warm water can easily extract the wax or oil content in it.

  • Lather and rinse

Prepare a cleaning blend with mild shampoo or soap in water. Rub your fingers against the sponges till the dirt comes out. Repeat the process of lathering and rinsing until you see clear water comes out of it.

  • Dry

Squeeze out the excess water and pat it with a dried-up towel. You can also try the air-drying or can use it as such.

If your sponge is not much exposed to cosmetics, a simple warm water rinse will be fine. But be sure that there is no mold growth inside the sponge. If any such indication arises, it’s time to spend a few bucks on a fresh buy.

2. Make up Brushes

For the timely cleaning of your brush bristles, you can adopt several methods. I would like to suggest the simplest one for you.

  • Rinse and cleanse

While rinsing with water, never allow running water to fall on the bristles directly. Instead, rinse with water streaming down. Otherwise, the glue on the base may get weakened and bristles start falling out. Cleanse it with a gentle shampoo and press out all the dirt with plain water.

  • Disinfect and Dry

Mixing 2 portions of water with 1 portion of vinegar you can prepare a disinfectant mixture. Dip your cleaning brush in this mix and swirl it lightly for two minutes. Then go for one more freshwater rinse. Do tissue-press two or three times on the brushes. Leave them flat on a dry surface overnight to dry. 

3. Hairbrush

One of the easiest dirt absorbers in your beauty kit will be the combs. The accumulation of oily dirt, skin follicles, and split hairs are very common in combs calling for frequent cleaning actions. Undergo this 3 step cleaning process for your combs at least once in a week and go for proper replacements.

  • Get knots out of all the tangled hairs on your comb with the help of tweezers
  • Next soak your comp in a mix of mild detergent and water for half an hour and remove the damped dirt between the tooth of the hairbrush with an old toothbrush
  • Rinse well with plain water for a final clean up and give an air dry

4. Metal Tools

You may own a lot of metal tools like the eyelash curlers, tweezers, trimmers, pedicure and manicure sets. Don’t you think they also need a thorough cleaning? Yes, they may the best breeding space for the microbes if left unclean for a longer period. These cleaning processes are very easy.

  • Wash

A regular wash with any of the antibacterial soap is enough for such tools. Be careful to reach out all the nooks and corners. Pat dry with a clean cloth.

  • Disinfect

You can sanitize such tools with the rubbing alcohol. With the help of cotton balls dipped in alcohol wipe down all your metal tools. Simply leave them out for drying purposes. After a few minutes, you can start using it. Washing them with water is optional.

5. Pallets and Lipstick

I have seen many of my friends who take care of all the cleaning measures for the beauty products except the palette and lipstick. Till recent times I thought no attention is needed for those things. But they need more cleaning as they are applied to the most sensitive parts. 

You can get with the eye shadow palette cleaning in easy steps.

  • Begin the top layer germ cleaning with a gentle wipe, using dry tissue. 
  • Dip cotton balls into micellar water and remove the excess makeup from the palette.
  • Take rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and evenly spray it on the eye shadow cakes. This will remove the microbes from the surface.

Try it out at least twice a month and make the eye shadows safer for the eyes.

And do spare two minutes for your lipstick cleaning also.

  • Firstly you have to concentrate on the lipstick cap and periphery. Wipe down the outer portion of the lipstick tube be and cap with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.
  • Now the more exposed top portions of the lipstick can be lightly removed.
  • Take isopropyl alcohol in a small bottle and dip the lipstick in that bottle. Leave it there for a few minutes.
  • Take it off from the bottle and your lipstick will be sanitized by this step
  • Let it dry (at least 20 minutes) fully before applying.


We are all spending too much on quality beauty products and tools, as we are so concerned about fashion and outlook. But spoiling them without proper care will be a pity. And the more hazardous thing is that you are arranging a safe place for microbes with your mere negligence. It’s never too late; start following these cleaning tips and do it like a pro.

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