On a public water supply system, water regulators are inevitable components. Whether it is for your indoor plumbing needs or your outdoor gardening activities, these regulators will come handy especially when repairs occur. As per your utility in different places, these water pressure regulators are available in various types.

How do they work?

These water pressure regulators are normally mounted on the inline water supply, either in a closed way or in an open way. The main purposes of them are,

  • Control the water pressure
  • Regulate the water flow rate

They are working towards the aim of maintaining the desired performance by controlling the excessive inlet water pressure to constant outlet pressure. The regulator gets activated when the water travels around the inlet end of the regulator towards the outlet end. The outlet end is connected to a sensitive diaphragm which in turn is attached to a spring system around the water flowing cylinder.

When the diaphragm senses an excess pressure on the outlet, it forces the springs to compress and reduces the water inlet opening area. This reduces the water flow rate and pressure. The balance between the pressure on the diaphragm and spring resistance is the outlet pressure determining actors.

Know the best Water pressure regulators for your RV

Your recreational vehicles (RV) must provide you with all the comfort you really desire for on a perfect trip. The water refill is normally done through the city connections at high pressure. This may invite damage to your RV. 

Fixing RV water pressure regulator at the water spigot of your RV, you can do the pressure adjustments. Though modern RVs can handle pressure up to 100 psi, the experts suggest an ideal pressure range of 40-50 psi for the RVs.

Is it easy to install the Pressure Regulator?

If you are replacing an already existing pressure regulator, the installation will be so easy. On the other hand,

  • A fresh installation is comparatively difficult
  • External help (from a plumber) will be necessary
  • May cause many alterations in the pre-existing main water line

Identifying a Faulty Pressure Regulator

Like many other plumbing accessories, the pressure reducing valves also may get damaged. The normal lifetime of this pressure reducing valves is 5 to 10 years. The spring and gaskets inside the regulator may wear out with the continuous operation over the years.

If you notice any form of irregularities like low pressure, high pressure, water hammering of any kind in the regular supply, it may be the indication of the malfunctioning of your regulator.

Confirm this by measuring the water pressure using any pressure gauge. Testing the water pressure at least once in a year will be a good idea to analyze the condition of the pressure regulator.


For the comfortable operation of the water supply system in your household and RVs, you can make use of appropriate pressure regulating valves. Consider all the challenging factors at your place, consult your plumber, and go for the best model water regulators.

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