From the beginning of this New Year onwards, the hottest discussions are running on the transmission methods of coronavirus. After many kinds of research, it has been found that the spread is through direct contact or by inhaling the droplets containing the virus. But with the onset of summer, the world is expecting the mosquitos back and so many diseases too. The greatest question before us is do mosquitos carry such viruses? Here is the answer.

How mosquitos are spreading diseases?

The female mosquitoes only are the blood-sucking breeds. They use blood as a medium to develop their eggs. They bite many animals and humans and, in each bite, they transfer a lot of pathogens to humans. Does that mean the mosquitoes are flying syringes filled with viruses? No, they are not. 

Normally when pathogens enter the mosquito gut, it will try to escape through the lining of the gut and diffuse to the blood. After fighting with the immune system of the mosquito, if it wins, that means the mosquito also got infected. If it happens the virus spread reaches to the saliva glands too. After that, the bite from every infected mosquito will be dangerous to humans.

Corona virus and mosquitos

Most of the viruses when entering the mosquito’s body,  start replicating in the salivary glands and guts causing infections to the mosquitos. And the great news from WHO is that the coronavirus is not affecting the mosquitos and hence they can never be the carriers of the same. The researchers have the tests with the AIDS virus on mosquitos by directly injecting the viruses into their bodies. And later found that the mosquitoes are not infected.

The COVID-19 viruses have been found in the blood samples of some patients; it is still not proven those were spread by the mosquitoes. Though it can take blood from an affected person, it will never spread the disease to others.

The mosquitoes are problem makers

Due to the lockdown norms across the globe, most of the people are spending their time in and around their houses. They prefer to do small exercises in their outdoor spaces and gardens. And in the morning and evening time, you are prone to more mosquitos and another insect biting.

So, you may get affected by the very common mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.  Or even sometimes, those viruses may weaken your immune system. So, you may likely to get infected by some other diseases too. It is becoming the necessity of the time to keep away all the insects and mosquitos from you.

Keep away the mosquitoes

It is our priority to stay away from all other diseases especially during this COVID season. Here are some mosquito prevention tips:

  • Remove all the standing water near your surroundings to stop the mosquito breeding
  • Ensure maximum air circulation with fans
  • Try to use mosquito repellent creams when outside


Amongst the most zipped myths about the corona, the one related to mosquitoes is threatening the people more. But the right information about the disease will help you to stay alert and preventive against all the risking factors.

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