The Best BB Cream in India must suit the Indian skin tone. From dry to oily, all skin types are covered with these brands.

BB which stands for ‘blemish balm’ cream is a product that is combined with moisturizer, primer, foundation, and concealer along with some skin treatment.

1. Maybelline New York Clear Glow BB cream

It is the first BB cream that was launched in India. Also, it has the property of blending completely and has a longer duration of stay. This cream has the power of hydrating and gives a good matte look to the face.

It has certain advantages as well as disadvantage of using this cream

  • The advantages include that it has a wider coverage along with the brightening of the skin instantly. Also, it has a long-lasting effect and it not so costly.
  • The disadvantage of this is that the quantity present is very small or less.

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2. Garnier Skin Natural BB Cream

One of the best BB cream in India and is a multitasking cream that helps in skincare as well. This is a lightweight cream so doesn’t give an odd look to the face instead gives a good texture.

It has advantages over the disadvantage like:

  • The advantage is that it contains vitamin C and some oil extracts that is good for the skin and maintains a smooth texture over the skin.
  • The disadvantage is that it comes in a limited number of shades so it is difficult to match yours.

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3. Pond’s White Beauty

This is a non-oily cream that gives a very good texture to your skin. This cream has the property of lightening your skin and at the same time, it makes your skin spotless.

So some advantage and disadvantage includes:

  • It is non-greasy but gives a good texture. Also it can reduce dark spots and dark circles and hide them.
  • The main disadvantage of this is that it might give a whitish texture behind.

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4. Revlon Photo Ready

This cream acts as a moisturizer as well as sunscreen and gives a very instant look to the skin. This cream has also the photo-ready quality which gives you a good photo.

Although it has some advantage but it has some disadvantage also:

  • The consistency is light for the cream so it imparts a soft glow.
  • The disadvantage is that regular touch up is needed with this.

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5. Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream

It is a combination of skincare and the cream along with its property of mousse texture giving complete coverage.

The advantages and disadvantages include:

  • It contains antioxidants and is long-lasting along with skincare as in acne-prone skin it doesn’t cause any effect.
  • The disadvantage is that it is not good for oily and fair skin.

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“BB Cream is so light on the skin, plus it protects and gives

the coverage at the same time.”


So looking at the above discussion it is clear that BB creams work according to a person’s skin and texture. So it is better to make recommendations and take skin products. This provides a list of the best BB creams that can be used for a particular skin.

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