The Scent of an air freshener has a great influence on a person’s state of mind and can make or break one’s mood. Hence, it is important to choose pleasant smelling, high-quality Fresheners for our Home, Car, or any ambiance.

1. Godrej Aer Smart Matic

Get the cool breeze of sea in your home with Godrej Aer Smart Matic Air Fresheners. Raise your mood instantly with breezy fragrances diffused by Godrej Aer Matic. Check out its smart characteristics and you will be happy to bring it home.

  • Brilliant Features: Godrej Aer Smart Matic is Bluetooth assisted automatic Air Freshener. The device can be controlled by Godrej Aer smart matic app from your mobile. You can switch On/Off the device at your convenience. There are options for Instant spray and you will also be notified for Low battery and Refill. 
  • Smart scheduler: Godrej Aer Smart Matic has 3 different pre-set schedules with a frequency of 10, 20, and 40 minutes for each spray. Also, you can customize your own schedule with 10 other different frequencies.
  • Impeccable Appearance: Smart Matic has an attractive appearance and is available in Rose Gold and Black colors. 
  • Different Aromas: The device comes with 4 refreshing flavors Petal crush pink, Violet valley bloom, Cool surf blue, and Fresh lush green to match your state of mind.

Just place the Aer Matic on a shelf, hang on the wall or use it in the workplace or Car to rejuvenate your surroundings. All its features will make your work easier!!

This product is available on Amazon.

2. Airwick Freshmatic Life Scents

Airwick Freshmatic Life scents infuse your home with a delightful fragrance that you will never want to fade away. Airwck generates wonderful scent all through the day to keep your home fresh and amusing. It has amazing features that will want you to take home without a second thought.

  • Automatic Spray: Airwick functions with an automated spray that produces 2,400 fragrant sprays per refill and each pack can last up to 60 days. All you have to do is to fill the refills and set the perfume intensity.
  • Adjustable Fragrance intensity: The spray comes with three different Intensities High, Medium, and Low to adjust based on your need and mood. Frequency of Low and Medium Intensity is 32 and 25 minutes wherein High-intensity mode sprays fragrance every 10 minutes. 
  • Diverse Flavors: The refills come with different flavors like Turquoise Oasis, Summer Delights, Hills of Munnar, Citrus Spice, Morning Rose Dew, and Cosy by the Fire. So, you will not get bored with a single set of aroma.
  • Compact and Portable: Airwick Freshmatic diffusers are slim and compact so you can place anywhere in the home like a Living room, Kitchen, or Bedroom.

Flower, Fruit and Plant extracts imparted in different layers gives you a soothing and relaxing feel in the home.

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3. Ambi Pur Air Effect

Want to get rid of those usual stale smells from your home? Ambi Pur Air Effect Air Fresheners has come to rescue you! The amazing fragrance gives the rejuvenating feel of hills and seas. It will completely change your regular household smell and fill it with a positive aura. Benefits and features of the Ambi Pur Air Effect will leave you in awe.!

  • Odour clear Technology: Ambi Pur has patented Odour Clear technology that eliminates all the pungent smell and replaces it with mild enjoyable scent. The molecule Cyclodextrin captures the odours and neutralizes it. Reactive Aldehydes converts these odours such that they are unrecognizable. Finally, all these stenches are replaced with phenomenal perfumes. 
  • An array of Fragrances: You need not be tired of using the same incense again and again. Ambi Pur has a variety of flavours to keep you fascinated. Explore Lavender bouquet, Sweet berries, Sandalwood, Exotic Jasmine, Rose and Blossom and Citrus Power flavours.
  • Convenient and easy to use: Using Ambi Pur is as easy as it smells. It is also handy and can be carried anywhere. Just trigger the spray and enjoy the refreshing scent and uplift the aura of the entire room.

This product is Available on Amazon

4. Mangalam CamPure Air Freshener

Guests arrived suddenly? Don’t worry!

Mangalam CamPure Air Fresheners will help you to transform your home with its unique attar within seconds. It is super convenient to use and the peculiar scent of camphor will keep you energized for long hours. Mangalam CamPure is one of a kind and has natural benefits.

  • Camphor based Air Freshener: Managalam CamPure room fresheners are the industry’s first camphor based Air fresheners. Its organic fragrance replaces all the unpleasant odours with aromatic camphor scent and does not have any artificial fillers or bases.
  • Natural and Organic: Camphor is a natural product from the wood of the Camphor tree. Hence, it is safe to use and suits individuals allergic to artificial scents.
  • Multipurpose Usage: Camphor has insect repellent properties and drives away insects and mosquitoes. It serves as a flavourful insect repellent and also as a Room freshener.
  • Life scents: Mangalam CamPure is from native and natural products. It has diverse flavours like original camphor, Rose, Jasmine, Lemon and all the flavours are refreshing and rejuvenating.

Use Mangalam CamPure and redefine your home with healthy fragrances.!!

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5. Odonil Air Freshener

The home will be happy and healthy only by its cheering ambiance. These exemplary perfumes provide a breezy and bright ambiance. Odonil Room Spray Air Freshener produces exquisite fragrances that fill your home with bracing aura. Odonil helps to escape nose-blindness and counters stinky odors with a pleasing aroma. Here are some features and benefits of using Odonil room spray.

  • Slow dispersion spray mechanism: Odonil room spray work wonders in your home with just single spray. The spray diffuses refining scent to the surroundings. When you feel pungent smell anywhere, just take the Odonil room spray and splash out its fascinating fragrance.
  • Compact and Convenient: Odonil spray is very compact and convenient to use. Carry it anywhere and use it in your home, workplace, or car.
  • A Palette of Fragrances: Explore all the breathtaking flavors like Lavender mist, Jasmine fresh, Sandal Bouquet, Rose Garden, and Citrus Fresh in Odonil Room Sprays.

This Product is Available on Amazon

“An air freshener is not to spray fragrance but



Like pieces of furniture and interiors, Air fresheners also play a major role in enriching your home. A mild and enigmatic scent could uplift your mood within seconds. Employ the right flavored Air fresheners and experience the freshness at home!!

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