Babies are a precious gift from God. We all will have that care and concern while choosing the baby products. Without compromising the quality of baby care products, we always opt for the best. It is always fine to follow the brands with a great inheritance.  Here are the best picks for your babies from the top brands.

1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo

The baby bath is best used for newborns to 6-month-old babies. The product maintains the legacy of other Himalayan products in terms of its quality. The top-quality natural ingredients like fenugreek, green gram, and Chickpea in the product are kids friendly making their skin smooth and soft.

  • Cleansing all dirt from head to toe
  • The sop free formula makes it safe to kids
  • Great moisturizing effects along with the pH balance.

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2. Baby Dove Baby Lotion

The brand Dove never compromises the quality of its product and that’s why the baby Dove baby lotion is much popular amongst the mothers. The certified baby lotion from them is kids friendly and one can choose this from day 1 baby care. The mild composition of the lotion helps to restore the natural balance of the skin.

  • Ideal for all skin type
  • 24 X 7 hydration to baby skin
  • It can deal with most of the skin rashes problems

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3. Pampers

The Pampers are becoming the synonym with diapers with a belt. The pant style diapers are becoming more and more popular with its double leak guard technology. The ultra absorb-cores are aloe vera lotion locks out the foul odors and wetness up to 12 hrs. Comfortable night sleep is ensured with the soft cotton-like upper layer on the Pampers.

  • Delicate skin protection
  • Super absorbent magic gel crystals
  • Number one choice of doctors and parents in the baby care products

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4. Sebamed Baby Rash Cream

The most common problem faced by the newborns is the diaper rashes. The Sebamed cream is an effective solution to this problem providing healthy skin to the baby. The healing capacity of the cream is marvelous and fights against all the infections, wounds, and rashes. The optimal skin hydration to babies is ensured with the natural beeswax and squalene in it.

  • Rich lipid complex to ease the skin rashes
  • Long lifetime
  • Daily use is possible with mild effects
  • Best for dry skin treatment

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5. Johnson and Johnson Baby Soap

The vitamin E enriched formula makes the Johnson soap the unique one. The rich and creamy lather helps in gentle cleaning of the baby’s skin. The regular use of the soap makes the skin supple and soft with the effective moisture locking technology. The easy-grip shape helps the moms a lot in easy bathing. 

  • Clinically proven mildness
  • No sulfates and parabens

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“A new baby is like the beginning of all the things

– wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”


It is very difficult to choose the best from the umpteen number of baby care products available in the market.  Going behind the ads may mislead you. Check out the top reviews and suggestions from the experts and doctors. In that aspect, this article will be worth reading.

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