How many times your kids got frightened with the presence of pests at your bathroom floor and book cabinets?

It is an irritating experience to witness freely running cockroaches in your kitchen closet trying to pest into the food packets. Surprisingly their infestation rates are beyond the imagination. It’s time to say goodbye to your uninvited guests with the following practices.

What Attracts Cockroaches?

Before going to the pest eradicating practices, it’s better to know the main cockroach-attracting stuff in your home. Most of the pests will be in search of food for their complete lifecycle. They look for safe shelters with warm and humid climates and it is easy to catch up with those places at our homes. The potential attractions for bugs can be:

  • Unclean sink with a pile of vessels
  • Food crumbs on the kitchen counter-tops
  • Messy Garbage disposals
  • Leftover eatables in open containers
  • Places where moisture collects — Bathrooms, Kitchens, & Near Sewage Plants

7 Ways to Eliminate Cockroaches from your Home

Knowing the center of attraction of cockroaches, it is easy to sort out the ideas for keeping them away. And now you know the key point- keep things clean and covered. Let’s now check the ideas one by one.

1. Practice A Thorough House-Cleaning Habit

You must be wondering irrespective of your daily cleaning practices, how you got so many roaches in your kitchen cabinet. There lies the difference in cleaning and thorough cleaning and the latter just needs a little more attention and time. For the roaches, the dirt and filth are tempting. Try out these daily cleaning tips for a pest-free kitchen.

  • Clean the dishes putting away the leftover after every meal
  • Remove the spills and crumbs immediately
  • Ensure the everyday removal of garbage
  • Always seal the food containers tightly
  • Do a regular mopping

2. Homemade Cockroach Repellents

Don’t look for the expensive chemicals to get rid of the cockroaches from your home; especially for the first few turn-ups. Many doubt the effectiveness of over the counter cockroach repellants. Most of the essential oils and neem oil are well known for their pest control effects. Check out some interesting DIY cockroach controlling tips.

  • Non-toxic peppermint spray will keep the pests away
  • Crushed bay leaves smell to keep them at bay
  • Detergent sprays suffocate the cockroaches
  • The neem oil effectively control the infestation by making the eggs infertile 

3. Special Baits For Roaches

Most of the pest-baits available in the market are an effective solution for the pest problem. They trick the roaches and other pests by disguising the insecticides as food sources. After consuming these baits, when the roach gets back to its group, it will be the most threatening poison carrier. As a chain, this pesticide will spread into the whole group giving you a quick result. What you have to do is,

  • Purchase the chemical baits
  • Keep them uncovered – near your garbage box/ under kitchen sink/ cabinets- overnight
  • Next morning take out all the baits

4. Liquid Concentrates

Nowadays, as per the feedback from many shops, people prefer the rapid outshot in pest control; and the liquid concentrates do the job well. The greatest advantage of such products is, you can apply them on any deep cracks or narrow fissures. These areas are the most favorite places in your roaches.

  • Dilute the liquid concentrate in a spray bottle
  • Spray the liquid to the dark corners, cracks and kitchen drain pipes
  • Try out the diluted solution while mopping the floor too

5. Boric Acid

If you are very fond of the DIY techniques, this idea will please you more. Boric acid will be a common antibacterial product in our households. Make dough out of equal portions of flour, sugar and boric acid. The nice aroma of the sugar and flour catches the attention of roaches. At the same time, boric acid will kill them once it enters their body.

  • Place the boric acid mix under the stove, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • The dead roaches will be the food  for the remaining and there happens a cyclic destruction

6. Prevention Tips

The newspapers and cardboard boxes are the favorites of cockroaches. The cockroaches breed in such kinds of stuff. They love to hide under clutters during day time. And have you ever seen a cockroach directly enters through the main door? No; they always check for the cracks and fissures for their easy entry. Better take care of the following things for the prevention.

  • Clear out all the old newspapers and old cartons from your storeroom
  • Make your house clutter-free
  • Close up all the wall cracks and fix the door sweeps

7. Hire The Pest Control Team

Now, if you have already tried out all these tricks and fed up with the bugs, it’s better to take outside help. You can fix an appointment with the professional pest control team and enjoy the benefits. Explain your dilemma to them. Your proper requirements will help them to make out the good decisions regarding the type of treatment to follow to your household. Keep in mind the following things even before approaching them.

  • Over cluttered spaces will be  less prone  to pesticides
  • Identify the exact type of bugs or pests at your place
  • After the whole pest control process, strictly follow the preventive measures and sanitation


Most of us ignore the appearance of the initial appearance of the bugs at our home as they appeared to be harmless. But what matters in pest control is ‘when one starts indulging it’. As mentioned here, the early troubles can be sorted out with our DIY remedies. When time passes, we must have to look for other alternates. And you know what? Never underestimate those nasty cockroaches as the can cause many troublesome diseases to you through food infection.

Do hunt for a professional team, if the cockroach population goes beyond your control. Let your slogan be ‘better late than never’.

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