The well being of a human is the total balance between the mental and physical states of the individual. Taking care of the self always will bring virtue to life and inspire to take care of others too. Working on the self-care practices will help you to deal with mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and stress. But it is not about mental and physical alone.  This write-up throws light on the other aspects of self-care that promises an internal sublime to any individual.

1. Physical self-care

The healthy mind resides in a healthy body. All the aspects of diet, sleep, exercises and physical cares will determine a person’s physical health. Maintaining a food chart avoiding the junk food s will do best for a diet plan. Enough exercises will help to burn out the extra calories. Sticking to the individual medication plans along with adequate sleep will keep the individual physically fit.

2. Mental self-care

What runs deep in your mind will reflect in your deeds too. If you try to fill your mind with positive thoughts, that will lead to great psychological well-being. One can adopt different kinds of mental self-care to make the mind sharp. Solving puzzles, reading, or watching inspirational movies will aid you in this. Some practices of self-compassion and recognition can stimulate your mental health.

3. Social self-care

Human beings love to socialize. But amongst the busy schedules, many of us sideline the socializing activities and neglect self-care practices. Creating a great friend circle is an art. Meeting up with new personalities and sharing your thoughts with them will give you a new insight into life. According to the social needs of the individual, it is better to engage in different relationship-building activities.

4. Spiritual self-care

As per many studies, the lifestyle that includes spirituality is healthier than the rest. The deep connection with nature and the universe gives you the utmost happiness. This is possible only through self-discovery. Without the help of any religion, one can nurture the inner spirit. According to your wish, you can attend religious service, prayers, or practice the meditation and yoga techniques.

5. Emotional self-care

The majority of the world population is lead by their emotions and that creates uncomfortable situations in the world. Whenever one learns the technique of overcoming the anger, anxiety, sadness they can attain the emotional balance. Make it a habit of expressing the emotions regularly. Sharing them with your cohort or a close companion will give you great relief. Thus you can master healthy coping strategies to deal with an emotional outburst.

“Give yourself the same care and attention that you give to others and watch yourself bloom”


Self-care is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Customization may require in these plans according to the individuality. Different individuals need different plans according to their strengths and weakness. When you can assess the areas of instability in your life and willing to work on it that is the turning point towards the ultimate success. Self-care practices will be an asset in the journey.

Rose Punja

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Loves coffee and animals. Is an extreme admirer of gardens and nature. When not bird watching, Rose prefers to blog and write about home improvements and wellness.