A romantic candle light dinner at home is a lot more memorable than dining out. To plan a romantic dinner with your partner, you only need to prepare a menu and set the mood.

There are many tasty recipes that you can make together or for your partner.

These are five candle-lit dinner ideas to spice up your romance.

1. Good Old Candle Light Dinner at Home

Candlelight dinners at home are intimate and special. Your ability to make your home a place of love is unsurpassed. Fill your fireplace with tall candles if you have one.

You can place them anywhere there is a flat surface if you don’t have one. This will make a big impact. To create the right atmosphere, you can also use flower petals, harmony music, and low lighting. 

Cooking together can make cooking fun and flirty. The obvious choice is to eat aphrodisiac food such as truffles, sweet potatoes, ginger, avocados, apples, pine nuts, etc.

Finish off the meal with a bottle of champagne to mark the occasion.

2. A Backyard candle light Dinner

You can create a romantic candlelit dinner in your backyard. Relax with a good meal at home. Pick a night with perfect weather and hang string lights on your patio to add a touch of magic. Grilled steaks add some flavor to your evening. Serve with red wine

3. A Surprise candle-lit dinner on a boat!

What could be more dreamlike than floating in a candlelit boat on the waters? It doesn’t have to rock and roll, but you shouldn’t skip the flames. To avoid tipping, keep your candles in a weighted holder.

Make the most of your boat’s small space and keep it simple and comfortable. Forget about elaborate table settings and opt for simple flatware and a tasty meal. To keep the romantic nautical theme alive, serve salmon and wine.

4. A Moonlit Candle-lit dinner in the Garden

There is nothing more romantic than eating with the flowers. Hang string lights, paper lanterns, and candles from the trees to create a fairytale atmosphere for your date.

As the sun goes down, it will create a warm glow. Set up a table, and then cover it with flowers. You are now in a garden! You can either choose a classic floral centerpiece or gather petals to scatter on the table. Keep the food light and fresh, to reflect the natural beauty of the garden.

5. Romantic Poolside Dinner

Enjoy a romantic resort atmosphere with dinner by the candlelit pool. With the help of tealight candles, it transforms into a sweet retreat. For an amazing effect, float them in the pool by their dozens.

Pillows and blankets can be piled high along the water’s edge. Relax and snuggle up! Serve exotic cocktails in sunset colors for a romantic getaway.


Set the table with a beautiful tablecloth and centerpiece for a romantic dinner at your home. Also, make sure to light candles to create ambiance. It’s easy to make a home-cooked meal feel special.

If you want to do something after dinner, you could stream a romantic movie and curl up on the couch. You can also enjoy easy and delicious desserts that are romantic after dinner.

No matter what recipe you choose, it is the thought that counts when you are doing something special to someone you love.