The biggest challenge in most of the working women is to get ready for the office in a versatile way every day. You may feel like maintaining the professional look in the hairstyle may limit the options. Most of the contemporary professionals try out the short hairstyles like bob or boy cuts. But as with the transformations in the fashion industry, they offer many professional hairstyles to working professionals too. Try out some of the following eye-catchy styles in your next office days.

1. The Updos

The updos are the most tried out hairstyles for working women. The reasons are many like they can be done easily and different variations are possible with the same style. One can avoid the fuss of loose hair with this hairstyle and it will sit neatly all day long with the single not. As time permits, one can try out the braided updos, classic updos along with the casual updos.

2. The highlighted waves

If you like to keep the beautiful hair free even during office hours, you can try out this style. The mild highlights on your waves will give a peppy look to them. Just with brushing on such hairstyles, one can manage them in the busiest office hours. This style goes with any outfit and the best one to try out on a busy day.

3. Bobs with side-swept hair

The bob hairstyles are the ever time favorite of the working women. You can’t find any other professional hairstyle to showcase your style and strength simultaneously. The hair swept to one side at the front end along with the long bobs is the best combos with all formal wear. If you want to stand out in a business meeting along with your clients, try out this hairstyle with your business suit. 

4. Ponytails

Ponytails never lose its charm overall decades amongst the youngsters. Whether you have short or long hair, you can make ponies out of it in easy steps. The high-end ponies, low-level ponies, side ponies are the best choices for a wavy hair according to the length of the hair. The sleek ponytail will give you a cheerful look with a professional touch. And get rid of all the hassles with the thin hair with the sleek ponytail style.

5. The Messy Chignon

The messy chignon at the back of the head is the best hairstyle option with the Indian outfits. Though they are messy, they end up with a neat and sharp look with in combination with the right attire. You can give a semi-high puff at the front or try out the side sweep along with this messy chignon style. This simple, yet sophisticated style will make you gorgeous even during the office hours.

Your Hair is 90% of your selfie


Getting ready for the office is a headache for many working women, especially when they want to try out something new in their style. Without experimenting much on the dress and other accessories they can try out different styles on their hair. Getting the classy professional hairstyles for the work will be that easy if you know some basic tips; so master it.

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