Can you imagine a situation where you are getting that irritating red spot on your face just on the previous day of any important event?

I know it is very annoying to see the acne now and then on your face. Consulting with the experts and from your own experiences, I would like to suggest a few acne removal tips for you.

What is acne?

Before moving on to the solution it is always better to target the problem. The moisturization of the skin is taking place through the involvement of the sebum secreting sebaceous glands. But when there is an over secretion of sebum, it will block the skin pores and form soft plugs. These plugs are favorable for bacterial growth and inflammations will happen under the skin. As a result, the hair follicles will bulge out in the form of acne.

How can we treat acne?

It is never advisable to pop a pimple; instead, look for better solutions for smooth skin. Here are the best ones.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

This is an important ingredient in all types of skin treatments. The moisturizing and soothing properties are well known. But the anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the follicle inflammation deep inside. It controls the sebum level on the skin by absorbing the excess portions. It enhances the new cell growth and thereby removes all the acne marks too. You can either buy the gel from the market or prepare one at home. The daily application of this gel will provide you with flawless skin.

2. Honey mask

There is no wonder that the well known natural antibiotic agent- honey is the top acne-treating element. Firstly its stickiness removes all the dirt from the face. Secondly, the inflammations are treated effectively and heal the skin ruptures. And finally, it fades out all your scars or pimple mark from the face. So how can we avoid this 3 in 1 benefit of honey?

3. Tea tree oil

These oils are famous in acne treating. Like all other acne-treating agents, this oil is also rich in antifungal constituents. The acne-treating effects of the oil are on par with the common medication benzoyl peroxide. But make sure that you apply it in diluted quantities only. Otherwise, it may cause skin irritations. Make 1: 9 mixtures of the oil and water. Clean the face with water. Apply the prepared mixture on the affected areas with cotton balls.

4. Cucumber

This will bring wonders to your skin by effectively treating all the initial stage acnes. We make use of the anti-inflammatory characteristics of cucumber to combat the puffy eyes. In the same way, it treats the red inflammations on the pimple plugs. You can make a face mask with cucumber and aloe vera with few drops of lemon juice.

5. Egg White Mask

The skin breakages and depressions after the appearance of every acne can be treated effectively with the egg whites. They are the rich source of proteins and amino acids. As we know the role of these components in cell building, we can presume the role of an egg mask in acne treatment. 

“Skincare is essential, makeup is a choice.”


 Acnes are serious skin problems to consider. If not treated early, they may turn vulnerable. Try out these quick tips for acne treatment and the results are amazing.

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