Incense sticks are an effective tool for aromatherapy. They contain high levels of essential oils and can be used together with meditation and yoga to create a calm atmosphere.

Aromatherapy, a holistic treatment that promotes healing and strengthens spiritual, physical, psychological well-being, has been practiced for centuries.

Inhaled incense stick molecules are absorbed by the olfactory pathway, which transmits signals back to the brain’s limbic system. This affects emotion and memory processing.

1. Shoyeido Incense Sticks Plum Blossoms (Low-smoke edition)

Shoyeido Incense is made in Kyoto, Japan. It has a natural low-smoke smell. Shoyeido’s Plum Blossom Incense Sticks are free of synthetic materials. They have a delicate balance between sweetness and spice, which creates a fresh, springtime atmosphere with zesty cinnamon and sandalwood.

This Japanese incense stick is unique in that it doesn’t have a bamboo core. It has a very low smoke level. 

Each box contains 150 incense sticks made from all-natural ingredients and free of synthetic fragrances and oils. Each Shoyeido incense sticks measures approximately 5.25 inches in length and burns for approximately thirty minutes.

2. Chakras Incense Sticks (Ideal for Meditation).

This set of incense sticks is specially crafted to activate the chakra and for spiritual healing.

Chakras Incense is free from harsh chemicals. There are no artificial fragrances or synthetic materials such as petrochemicals or charcoal.

They are made from natural bamboo and provide a soothing, long-lasting environment for meditation, yoga, reiki, and relaxation. The set includes a wooden incense stick holder.

3. Murphy’s Naturals (Excellent Mosquito Repellent)

It can be hard to enjoy summer nights outdoors for people who are mosquito magnets. There is a chemical-free remedy.

Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks contain highly concentrated, plant-based ingredients. They include an essential oil blend of rosemary and lemongrass.

This DEET-free and petroleum-free repellent repels mosquitoes for up to 2.5 hours within a 12-foot radius.

4. Botanica Incense Sticks (All Wood Essential Oil Edition)

Botanica Incense is made in the USA and offers a modern, fresh twist on traditional incense stick scents. This collection has blends to suit all tastes and preferences, whether you are new to incense or sensitive to strong fragrances.

Botanica Incense uses all-natural wood and essential oil. Every box contains 20 incense sticks. Each stick measures 12-inches in length and has a burn time of approximately 40 minutes. 

Each pack contains 20 incense sticks measuring 12 inches long. The brand donates $1 to local nonprofits that are located in the regions where the scent’s ingredients are found.

5. Satya Nag Champa (Sandalwood to Smooth Fragrance)

The earthy, sweet scent of dragon’s blood incense sticks will calm your senses. This harmonious aroma is reminiscent of sandalwood and amber with tropical notes and patchouli. 

Satya’s incense is said to bring harmony and clarity, while also calming the atmosphere. It is also said to strengthen and protect one’s aura against external negativity.

What to Watch Out for When Buying Incense Sticks


The stick should be longer than the flame. Also, longer sticks release more fragrance and fill the room for a longer time.


We recommend purchasing a smaller size pack when buying a new scent. You can buy ten to hundreds of these scents at once. Many brands offer small-batch varieties packs that allow you to try a variety of fragrances without having to commit to one.


Some scents can be used for meditation and yoga, while others are used to cleanse the air or remove negative energy. You can search by the scent profile or the meditative purpose to discover what appeals to you the most.