Though our home is the home for many other pests too, most of the time we neglect their presence conveniently. But spiders are one of the most dangerous pests and it is always better to opt for the pest control techniques against them. 

Here are the 5 effective tips to control spiders at your place

1. Regular vacuuming

Vacuuming is always the most simple and effective way to get out of the pest problems. Through a regular vacuuming g habit, you can bring hygiene in your living space with no chance of dust or tiny webs around you.

 The spider webs across your walls can easily be removed from the interiors with vacuuming, leaving their life in trouble. The barely used areas in your house must be given more attention as those will be the most convenient spaces for spiders.

2. Treat The Outdoor Area

The outer area is definitely the source of all kinds of pests. But what if we are allowing them in the interiors too in easier ways?

You may find some insects and flies near your lights as harmless. But the original threat lies behind them. These insects are the favorite food for the spiders. 

As the population of such insects increases, the spiders also colonize widely. The best way of controlling spiders is restricting their food by minimising the presence of other small insects around you. So, it is better to start your pest control techniques from your backyard or lawn.

3. Insecticides

Many of the regular insecticides may not work for the spiders as most of the time their legs only come into contact with the walls. So go for the tailored ones for the spiders. And never miss a crack, high corners of your ceiling, periphery of the light sources and almost not used areas. 

Insecticides can be beneficial in two ways. Either they will directly destroy the spiders or will destroy (by poisoning) other insects. The chances are more, that the spiders consume the poisoned insect and kill themselves.

4. Sticky Traps

You can catch the spiders easily with a glue trap. Though it is difficult to make them walk through it, the trap kills them once they are on it. The area coverage of such traps will be comparatively smaller. So while placing the trap, try to keep them on the areas where the spiders likely to dwell around. 

Try out the dark and quiet areas in your home. Put them under the cot, furniture, storerooms, and cupboards, as these are the common travel areas of spiders.

5. DIY Tricks

Most of the DIY tricks always work well in pest infestation-control. You can try out a peppermint spray on the cracks and crevices. Spraying the white vinegar mixture is another effective way of spider control. 

The noxious chemicals in chestnut, walnut, etc repel the spiders effectively. Also most importantly, seal all the cracks and holes leading from outside in and prevent the spiders from entering indoors. 


The safety and hygiene of the house are our responsibility. Controlling the infestation of spiders is quite easy by following some practices regularly. Do follow the above measures; the results are guaranteed.

Rose Punja

About the Author

Loves coffee and animals. Is an extreme admirer of gardens and nature. When not bird watching, Rose prefers to blog and write about home improvements and wellness.