Lip brush is a tool that is used for makeup which is made up of thin pencil-like and at the end, has tapered brush made of bristles.

1. E.L.F Studio Retractable Lip Brush

It is a sleek brush that is tapered from its ends. This was counted as the easily potable brush because of its size and the shape which is just sleek and thin. The reason why it counts in the top lip brushes is that:

  • It can be used for both wet as well as dry lipsticks and lip glosses.
  • It has a cap over the bristles which ensure its safety and can be easily carried.
  • Considered as one of the best as it is widely used by professionals.

2. Colorbar Fabulips Lip Brush

This brush has a unique shape it is a squared brush that provides color to your lips easily. This brush is quite easy to use so it is accepted by everyone. Another thing is that it can be even used by the non-experts of makeup. Some features of this brush are that:

  • It has ultra-soft bristles which are densely packed and gives good coverage over the lips.
  • It has a small tip that is squared which allows to give a smooth lining to the lips.

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3. Revlon Covered Lip Brush

This brush has a combination of the red and black body which is tapered. The stick of this brush is quite long to make up the perfect strokes over the lips. The brush is easily used because:

  • It is made up of soft synthetic fibers that mark up well on the lips.
  • It has an easy handling grip which helps in doing the makeup easily and efficiently.

4. Deborah Milano DH Retractable Lip Brush

This is a high-quality lip brush that helps in applying lipstick easily. This is a good quality brush with fine bristles. Some of the features that define this brush are:

  • This brush can be easily cleaned and it dries frequently.
  • This brush gives a good texture to the lips without any problems in using it which means it can be easily used.

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5. L A Girl Lip Brush

This is an adjustable brush which can be regulated as per our needs and requirements. It is a famous product that gives quality work and is used by a lot of people. Some distinct features include:

  • Its size can be altered as it can increase as well as decrease and its alignment can be done accordingly.
  • It is found in so many color contrasts and the users and finds a wide range for selection of this product.

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“Flash a smile with a lip brush.”


So these brushes are used to apply the lipsticks in proper shape. Also of its wide application users generally get confused in which to choose and which not. So here is the clear idea of the different brushes according to the features and its quality and its fame.

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