Nothing else can bring the magic of foot massages as it brings great relief to your body after a long tiring day. The feet bear the full body weight whenever we walk or stand. Keeping them strong and flexible is the essential body requirement. The human foot comprises of 42 muscles, 26 bones and 33 joints with 15,000 nerve endings. The regular foot massage with reflexology (treating the reflex points for different organs at the feet) will promote the physical efficiency of the foot and hence the whole body.

1. Improved circulation

Whenever you are massaging the foot, it will stimulate the blood flow to the foot. The lifestyle changes like wearing tight shoes and heeled sandals may restrict the good blood flow to the feet muscles. And for some others suffering from diabetes or Reynaud’s disease will have limited blood flow to the foot muscles. The improved circulation through these parts will give long life to your lower limbs avoiding numbness.

2. Reflexology

As per the traditional reflexology, most of the internal and external organs are connected to the foot-through complex nervous system. Massaging the particular point on the feet will enhance the blood flow to the connected organ or tissue. This will remove the toxins with the enormous quantity of pure blood flow to that portion. Even the migraines and headaches can be cured easily with this simple massage.

3. Sustained blood pressure

Recent studies show that there is an effective dwindle in blood pressure in patients who suffers a lot from high blood pressure with cyclical foot massage treatments. The systolic pressure comes to a normal level in such patients making them feel relaxed. It is also found that the triglyceride levels in the blood decline with this treatment which is great news for the cholesterol patients.

4. Decreased swelling

Some people may suffer from edema which is a medical condition related to swelling. Building up of the excess fluid due to trauma at some portions of the body leads to such swellings. This condition arises especially in pregnant women, heart or kidney patients and a higher level of swelling may be dangerous. The regular foot massage will prevent fluid buildup and becomes a great solution to such problems.

5. Reduce anxiety and depression

A good foot massage can even rework on the mood-swings of a person. Specific points on the feet are supportive in tumbling the depression symptoms. It calms out the mind. Even in cancer patients, the regular foot massage works fine reducing their anxiety. With a ten minute massage itself, one can experience a reduced level of stress and tension.

Always treat your feet right!

They’re the workhorses of our bodies, but we give them so little respect.


Apart from the relaxation effects of a foot massage the other medical benefits of foot massage are abundant. With its great influence on the whole body circulation system, it can rapidly improve the body functioning. Lifting all the bodyweight for quite a big amount of time, the foot deserves a decent pampering. If it is beneficial not only to the foot, but for the entire body, why to hesitate?

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