Decor candles the best way to induce calm. A candle can be placed beside the bathtub, bed, or on the mantelpiece to light up special occasions.

Sometimes, just enough to enjoy a good book, a glass of wine, and a flickering flame. These 40 decorative picks demonstrate the variety of themes, scents, and styles that a candle can cover.

Our top 12 selection of decorative and decadent candles will inspire you to be creative when gifting your downtime.

1. Layered Decor Candles

Tired of just one or two-tone candles, but not the layered ones? These 40-hour candles can be layered with multiple shades of the same color, adding subtle style and sophistication to your muted interior.

2. Personalized Decor Candles

These personalized candles can be used to mark a special occasion. These French-made taper candles can be personalized with dates and names, allowing you to personalize your next formal gift.

3. Luxury Jar Candle

Do you love the scent of mango and coconut milk? This beautiful glass-jar candle can burn the scent for 120 hours.

4. Aromatherapy Scented Decor Candles 

These soy wax candles come in non-drip glass jars. You can choose from four different scents: vanilla, orange, peppermint, and eucalyptus – or make a pack of three. Gift wrapping is also available.

5. Floating Decor Candles

Candles can be a symbol of romance. For a romantic night, take a bubble bath with these rose-shaped candles.

6. Succulent-Shaped wax candles

These mini succulents are a great alternative to living cacti in the garden. These citronella candles can be placed out the back to repel mosquitoes for up six hours.

7. Natural Beeswax Coiled candle:

Place your coiled candle on this beautiful bronze device. This flame illusion appears self-feeding but it only sticks to the clip. The flame will extinguish when the clip reaches.

8. Dripping wax-style electronic candle

Want to feel the warmth of a real candle? This battery-operated candle emits a vanilla scent and has a dripped wax look.

9. Flameless Decor Candles

Best for places where children and animals run wild. These candles are made from paraffin wax and use glowing LEDs to create light. It can be automatically turned on by the smart timer for up to five hours per day.

10. Marble candles:
Marble adds elegance. These candles are made by the same manufacturer and come with batteries, remote control, and a 90-day guarantee.

11. Modern Lamp-shaped Candles

You can fuse candles with a lantern for a more expensive price. This Scandinavian design houses the flames in wrought iron.

12. Electronic Silver Pillar Candles

These candles can match the metallic tones of your interior. These flameless candles, which can be controlled remotely, are another great addition to any table or mantelpiece.


We are confident that you now understand the importance of candles in changing mood swings. Hope you’ve let us help you choose the right scent for you. 

All the best and let the flame of light give you hours and days of joy!