Too often you enjoyed the appreciations regarding your clean house and orderly placed things? That will be great! But have you ever imagined the flip side? 

You find it surprising that you are reducing the lifetime of many things with your over cleaning actions. When it is necessary to maintain the household for a longer period, we must keep an eye on these excess cleaning habits. 

Today I can help you in identifying the most frequently cleaned things at home and tell why it is harmful.

1. Washroom Mirrors

Your bathroom mirrors get dirty very frequently. The steam of baths and showers put down a lot of moisture content on the mirror. Also, the soap and detergent froth always leave stains on the mirror. In that case, everyday cleaning will be a necessity. But how you are doingt is rather important. 

Most of us have that bad habit of splashing a lot of water on the mirror while cleaning. The excess water may get behind the mirror and damage the fitting at the backside. To avoid this moisture damage, clean them on an as-needed basis. That too with gentle sprinkles and wipes.

2. Wooden Furniture

Most of the time, the dust over the wooden furniture is easily noticeable. And you clean them with water whenever possible. But most of those woods are very sensitive and the frequent usage of water may lead to water spots on them. 

To keep them new, many people go for frequent polishing options. This actually will give you a temporary glow and in the end, it will appear dull with silicone build-up on wood. I suggest dusting with a microfiber cloth regularly. If you are too keen on furniture polishing, go for the wax and silicone-free options.

3. Tile Grout

The dark grimy grouts of the tiles will make anyone upset. You can make a weekly cleaning routine for the floor and wall tiles. Is it safe to rub hard on the grooves in every cleaning? 

Such frequent harsh cleaning may remove the plaster from the grout and water will leak into the tile grooves. Ultimately, there may be cracks and breakages on the tiles. So make it a monthly practice.

4. Pillows

You must clean your pillows once in every six months. But if you are such a neat freak and want to clean the pillows very often, the result will be bunchy and dumpy pillows. Then what about the microbes, sweat, and body oils accumulated on the pillow? 

Try out changing the pillowcases every week. You can also keep your pillows in the hot sun once in a while without cover. Without any hesitation, you can replace the pillows after one year; as it is a healthy hygiene practice.

5. Cast Iron Vessels

No need to take over stress about your cast iron vessels, unless you are trying out a secondhand cast-iron pan.  The regular cleaning of the cast iron vessels is very easy with hot water and some soap.

 But many are still using steel wool and soap for every time cleaning. Some others soak it in water for long hours and that leads to the rusting problems. You can simply rinse, dry and apply a little oil on the surface; it’s done.

6. Windows

The outside grim on the windows is really a headache to many people. They consider it a serious flaw in the cleaning habit. But cleaning them frequently may lead to lint build-up. We must be aware of the health hazards of the cleaners, as they contain allergy-causing chemicals. 

The strong water jet wash from outside will be enough for such filthy windows; that too once in six months. This will automatically help you to maintain a clear window with longevity.

7. Carpets

The chances are more, that the carpets and rugs absorbing a lot of dirt or other spillages. This dirt may invite many diseases and allergies to your family. That is why many of us are vacuuming the carpets daily. 

However, using a high-pressure vacuum every day on your carpets may pull off the fibres from it along with other debris. That doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your carpets. Instead, regular vacuuming is a must for your frequently used carpets to keep them fresh and dirt-free; but make sure that you are operating them in mild ways.

8. Jeans Cloth

Is it necessary to clean your jeans cloths after every use like any other cloth? The denim gurus say a perfect no to frequent jeans washing.  8% of denim users go for every time wash. And you know this ‘jeans secret’? The lesser you wash your jeans, their longevity will increase. 

Ultimately, how long you can use an unwashed jean cloth depends on where you use it, how much you sweat, and how many times you are using it. Finally, knowing the right way of washing your jeans will help you to pull out its life cycle.

9. The Car

Who wouldn’t love to have an everlasting ‘brand-new’ look for their car? Keeping this in mind, many of us are over-cleaning our vehicle inside as well as outside. But with each cleaning, the outer wax layer of the car’s polish is getting removed leaving a dull look in your car.

To be at safer side, deep clean your car once or twice in a month. Otherwise just do dusting with a microfiber cloth.

10. Refrigerator

Put down the wipe! You don’t call for a fridge clean up every single week. Getting rid of old leftover food and a prompt wiping habit of any crumbs or spills is good.

 You can put aside the full scrub-down as a monthly chore. As the bacteria cannot sustain in the low temperature for longer periods, the refrigerators are comparatively safe places.

“A clean home is a happy home.”


If you are a person with OCD, you will be over-cautious about the entire above-mentioned housekeeping practices. And it is pretty much clear now that don’t overact upon the cleaning measures of such things. Be patient and chart your cleaning cycle for one month. Enjoy doing it one by one.

Rose Punja

About the Author

Loves coffee and animals. Is an extreme admirer of gardens and nature. When not bird watching, Rose prefers to blog and write about home improvements and wellness.