After a tiresome day at the office or after a long journey out of the town, we all wish to be back at our sweet home. And what if your own home makes you sick mentally and physically? Yes, through this write up we wish to expose that unidentified illness-causing thing at your home; and of course its remedies too.

Take Care Of These Essentials At Your Home

1. Your Toothbrush

You are the only one using your toothbrush right? Then what is the big deal about cleaning it? Try to have a deeper approach. You must be keeping the brush in your toilet counter or dark cabinets.

 These practices catalyze bacterial growth. And the worst thing is that your brushes may come in contact with the spores from the toilet. So better you keep the toothbrush away from the toilet seats and change your brush every 6 months.

2. Bedsheets

In a day, we spend at least 8 to 10 hrs on the bed. Now think, how often you wash your bedspreads? Don’t fall for the neat and stain-free appearances of your sheets. Your sheets must be crawling with microorganisms and you may get sick easily. 

Many of our odd habits are the villains. Most of us eat on the bed and leave the fragments there. Some leave their wet towels and laundries on the bed. These practices will invite more hazardous germs into your sheet. Always keep your bed clean and weekly wash the sheets in warm water.

3. Washing Machine

Washing machines are supposed to clean all the dirt from our used clothes. But what if our machine itself is not clean? With the constant loading of the dirty laundry, the dirt accumulates on the inner surfaces of the machine. 

This will enhance bacterial growth and will get transferred to other clothes too. So it will be a good practice to clean the machine by running it without cloths (and with some bleach) once in a weak.

4. Remote Controls

Can you guess how often you handle your remotes at home? And is it you alone operating it? Definitely, not. You might be operating your T.V or A.C remote right after coming from the market. Practically you are loading them with germs. 

The shocking reality is that we never bother about cleaning the remotes. Do clean them with an antibacterial wipe once in a week.

5. Vacuum Cleaners And Air Conditioners

You may be wondering why vacuum cleaners? Though they are cleaning equipment at the front end, they are absorbing so many microbes during the cleaning. And the chances are many that these bacteria spread into the air through the backend filters. Luckily such problems are reporting with the older vacuums model. Upgrading the device will be a better option or carry out a regular filter cleaning process.

The air conditioner ducts are a great place for dust. The proper closing of the ducts when not in use will help you to avoid such dust accumulations around the filters. Clean up the A.C.  filters once in a month.

6. Showers

While taking care of a clean house, more attention must be given to moist areas. Especially the bathroom pipes and showers are great places for mold growth. We can detect profound fungi strengthening on these areas.

 How about giving a scrub to your showers as well? At least once in a week clean up all the bathroom taps and showers. You can use any disinfectant liquid or cleansing agents tailored for sanitary ware.

7. Kitchen Sinks And Sponges

All of us are very keen on kitchen hygiene practices. But does that mean the clean serving dishes and vessels alone? The cloggy sink and the stinky sponges are common in many households. No need to seek the reason for food infection in such homes.

 As a healthy hygiene practice, clean your sinks, sponges and even the dishwasher container every night. Automatically those will get minimum 10 hrs. drying time.

8. The Laptops

Your everyday workplace cleaning habits are appreciable. But have you ever included your laptops under those cleaning measures?

Most of us are least bothered about it as the germs and micro-dust are invisible to our eyes. 

You must be carrying and keeping the laptop in many other places and makes it a great carrier of germs. Also, people with dust allergies will get infected easily by working on the laptop. So you must call for each day sanitization and dusting actions for your laptop. Also, use keypad covers and screen shields for easy cleaning.

9. Your Floors

You may be mopping your floors twice a day and may feel relieved with all the hygiene issues. The things won’t work out that easily in the case of floors. Whenever we are entering into the house from outside, we carry a lot of microbes with us on our foot. 

At the moment we touch our feet on the floor, they will be transferred to the floor. Ideally, you can’t keep the floors as an ever time bacteria-free zone. So be sure you never eat something off the floor.

10. Air Fresheners

The greatest myth regarding air fresheners is that they purify the air. But the fact is that they improve the smell of your home and in no way related to the air quality. The volatile organic acids contained in those fresheners are harmful chemical compositions.

 The prolonged use of such air fresheners in your home may lead to many respiratory problems. Many researchers mark the early signs of asthma in kids due to the greater exposure to such air fresheners. 

“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you,

and your house becomes your story.”


We are all into some kind of hygiene practices. But due to mere ignorance, we keep aside the most important ones. Right from our bed, toothbrush till the floors we are ignoring many things that may lead us to sickbeds. With just a little care in our daily things, we can build up a healthy ambiance. Start noticing them and maintain an uncontaminated atmosphere around you.  

Rose Punja

About the Author

Loves coffee and animals. Is an extreme admirer of gardens and nature. When not bird watching, Rose prefers to blog and write about home improvements and wellness.