Olive oil has so many benefits. But, apart from cooking, olive oil can be used in different parts of the house. List of some of the benefits are listed as under:

1. Shining of Stainless Steel

Place olive oil on a soft cloth and run through all appliances, sinks, pots for preventing squeaks, tarnish, corrosion, etc. Finishing has to be done by buffing the soft cloth. 

Make your Stainless steel appliances look gorgeous with a simple trick.

2. Polishing furniture

Did you know olive oil can make furniture look new like before? Apply olive oil to furniture using a soft rag. To make it smell less strong, apply a few drops of essential oil to the olive oil. 

You can add a lemon juice into it also.

3. Getting Rid of a Stuck Zipper

Olive oil has got your back while freeing your stuck zipper. Dab olive oil to cotton cloth and apply it to the teeth of the zipper. It gentles the zipper to move in any direction you want. 

As olive oil stain few of the fabrics, it is suggestible to use only for luggage bag zippers.

4. Removing Paint from the Skin

DIY painting saves a lot of money but taking that paint off skin is a difficult job. We have a natural way for this.

Dab olive oil into a cloth and run it over your skin. Soak in few minutes before rinsing it with soap and water. 

5. Polishing Shoes

Shoe polish smells horrible but olive oil can do the job. The best part is it doesn’t stick onto your hands. Buff your shoes by spraying olive oil and polish it to a high shine. 

You can also add a little oil on a banana peel and polish the shoes to give sprinkle shine.

6. Silencing of Squeaky Hinges

in every house, we will find squeaky hinges. A few drops of olive oil can work wonders on doors and squeaky things in the house. The application of olive oil can be done on cabinets, car doors, normal doors, etc. 

7. Keeping Pearls Shiny

Pearls can become dull due to regular and constant use and many cleaners work harshly on the delicate finishing of pearls. Take by rubbing each pearl by taking olive oil on a soft cloth. After finishing the earlier process, the pearls can be patted dry with a soft cloth. 

8. Protection Of Garden Tools

Olive oil helps protect garden tools from getting dry or splitting. The metal tools can be coated for preventing rust, dirt, and snow from sticking to the parts of clippers that operate smoothly. Olive oil also protects outdoor furniture. 

9. Removal of Sticky Labels

Saturating the paper labels using 2-3 drops of olive oil by making it remain on the label for about 15 minutes can work if the labels are too sticky.  The label would peel off easily from the surface and the glass, plastic, or wooden items can be hand washed to remove any kind of residue left behind. 

10. Removing Water Rings and Scratches On Wood

The look of wood tends to fade away with time. It can be brought back by adding warm olive oil for covering small scratches and water rings. Apply with a soft cloth and buff it with a dry cloth. Place olive oil in a spray bottle to be used frequently. 

“Except the vine, there is no plant which bears a fruit of as great importance as the olive oil.”


These are some of the benefits of olive oil for solving problems in the house. Olive oil does cure many problems. 

So, which one of the methods have you tried yet? 

Rose Punja

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Loves coffee and animals. Is an extreme admirer of gardens and nature. When not bird watching, Rose prefers to blog and write about home improvements and wellness.