One of the most researched topics about food across the world is the nutritional content in them and how can we include them in our diet. As we know many of the natural food items found in our kitchen are immunity boosters and have secret medicinal powers. The thing is that we must find out the right use of such things and utilize them as the first aids for many frequent health issues. Till recent times, these remedies were just thought like some grandmother’s tales. But, nowadays so many researches are coming out with the authenticity of such medicines.

Pull out your kitchen drawers for these home remedies

On and off we all heard of the home remedies that serve the purpose. Most of the secret remedies are handed over through generation to generation. And believe it or not many of them treat the illness better than any modern medicine available in the market. So have a look at these most used home remedies.

1. Ginger

Claiming more than 2000 years of proven results, ginger still used for pretty good blood circulation. It has got great inflammation healing powers and people extensively use this to treat the muscle cramps. And most effective results are found in women with menstrual cramps. Also, an easy cure is available for all your digestion problems with some drops of ginger juice. So before your next cycle, get ready with ginger and have warm ginger coffees at frequent intervals during your periods.

2. Honey

You can find out honey in the kitchen racks of almost all Indian households. It not only scintillates your taste buds but has got many medicinal and replenishing powers. It easily soothes out a sore throat with its antibacterial property. I bet you won’t find any natural blood purifier better than honey. Intake of honey with a glass of warm water in an empty stomach will remove all the impurities from your blood. The skin smoothening properties of honey are well known and are used in combination with many other natural ingredients.

3. Almonds

We all might have heard about milk and egg as a rich source of calcium. But being a vegan if you are searching for veg- equivalent, the almonds will be the best choices. It is found that most of the premenstrual syndrome and subsequent mood changes are more in women with less blood calcium content. Including plenty of almonds in your daily diet along with other green leafy vegetables will be a great relief for such ladies.

4. Oatmeal

Are you so much irritated with the itchy inflamed skin and even hesitant to consult a dermatologist? Then try out the oatmeal paste. The oats are enriched with phytochemicals which are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Make a fine oatmeal powder with the help of your blender and store it in a dry container. Whenever needed, you can mix the powder with lukewarm water to form a paste. Apply it regularly to the affected areas. The results will be visible within a week.

5. Prunes

The most searched home remedies will be for constipation. The dried plums are a one-step beyond remedy for this ever time head aching problem. The insoluble fiber content in these plums helps to push out the waste through the digestive system. Also, the sorbitol and dehydro-phenylisatin inclusions in the same act as the better constipation aids.

6. Sugar

I am sure that you also got embarrassed in a group with continuous hiccups and might have frantically searched for the solution. Next time when you are in such a situation, keep a teaspoon full of sugar under your tongue. The hiccups are due to the series of spasms occurring to the diaphragm. The sweet sensation will stimulate the vagus nerves and carry the signals from the brain to diaphragm and controls the movements.

7. Apples

We all have heard of the saying an apple a day will keep the doctor away. But you know? These are also best in dealing with the heartburns. The soluble fibre- pectin in apples absorbs the stomach acids easily and helps in maintaining the normal ph balance of the gastric juices.

8. Turmeric

The most widely used Indian spice for other purposes is turmeric. With its great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, they bring magic in healing wounds or curing insect bites.  A compound called Curcumin prevents bacterial growth and stops further infections. Also, turmeric is an immunity booster with great power to resist even the cancerous growths.

9. Lemon

If you begin to explain the uses of lemon as a remedy, the list will keep going. The sore throat will get great relief from a lemon juice gargling. And you will get easy relief from an upset stomach or vomiting sensation just by sucking on a lemon. Rinsing your hair with few drops of lemon juice in water will make it shine. Also applying some lemon extract on your scalp will help you to get rid of the dandruff issues.

10. Cucumbers

With the great hydrating effects of cucumber and more than 95 % water content, it gives a soothing effect on our face. Especially when your eyes are tired or puffy, the cooling effect of the cucumber helps in shrinking the blood vessels and reduces the swelling. The matching circular shape of the cucumbers will contour your eyes perfectly. Try out this cucumber technique every day after your tiresome work. You will feel heavenly.


 We necessarily need not get panicked with the silly ailments or uneasiness occurring in our daily life. We may not be able to reach up to the physician for every minor issue. And nature has blessed us with remedies for almost all problems. When you understand it in the right senses and learn to apply it on the right occasion there will be positive results. So practice a disciplined lifestyle for your well being managing some essential home remedies too.  

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