Candle stand can be made from recycled materials to add charm and style to this timeless home necessity.

A wax candle is a perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere. A candle’s warm glow, unlike the fake battery-operated alternatives, is elegant and timeless. 

A simple craft project that you can complete in just a few hours and will make a huge difference to your space. These DIY candle holders are a great idea to try the next time you feel inspired.

1. Stand for Cork Ribbon Candles

candle stand

For safety reasons, many pillar candles should be kept in glass hurricanes. Hurricanes may feel a little boring if you have a more eclectic or rustic style.

Wrap a glass candle holder with a cork ribbon to transform it.

2. Taper Candle Stand (with varying heights)

This DIY taper candle holder is perfect for those who use candles a lot to entertain guests.

This craft project requires you to change the height of each holder to create large groups of five or more candles. You don’t have to be intimidated by creating an arrangement. Follow the provided instructions and pattern.

3. Balsa Wood Candle Stand

This candle holder is best used with small votives in glass jars. This project requires basic woodworking, but don’t let that stop you from trying it.

Woodworking doesn’t need to be difficult. This project is easy once you learn how to cut panels.

4. Copper Candle Stand

This candle holder idea was inspired by copper-lined votive holders. This knockoff can be made with copper tape, glass, and glue.

We’re sure most people wouldn’t know the difference.

5. Useful and Colorful Candle Holders

This project is great for anyone looking to make a lot of votive candles or just add some color to your home.

These candleholders can also be used as party favors if you make them for a wedding.

6. Teacup Candle Holder

Did you ever have a teacup you didn’t like and you were unsure if you should throw it away?

You could also use vintage porcelain to make a small planter for your indoor herbs. To make a candle, you can also learn how the wax is poured into a teacup.

7. Candle Stand Eco-Friendly

What if you could make a candle out of fresh produce?

This project is both beautiful and eco-friendly, so maybe the crafter is right. This DIY candleholder idea works best in fall when pumpkins or gourds can be found in abundance.

8. Holder for Woodblock Candles

Taper candle holders with the best wax collection have a large base that collects all the wax and doesn’t drip onto the table.

The woodblocks make a great candle holder because they provide a solid base for the taper candle.

9. Lantern Candle Holders

Large hurricane lantern candle holders are great accents for your home on the front porch, at an outdoor table, or inside the dining room table.

But, the majority of lanterns are prohibitively expensive.

10. Glitter Candle Jars

This candle holder tutorial has a couple of great features. It shows you how to decorate the candle jar using glitter and how to make the candle.

To make your project personal, you can choose your colors and fragrances.