We all believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. But many fail to achieve this sort of cleanliness after many trials. So hereafter no worries! We would like to share 10 effective home cleaning tips to you; those have already done magic to many homes.

1. Kitchen Counters

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in our households. Arranging all the vessels, cutleries at specific trays will save a lot of time. Removing clutter from the cabinets by setting a turntable will help you to find things easily. Make a list of the needy things and shop for those things only.

2. Dishwashing

Never leave a pile of used vessels inside the sink. It will invite germs and cockroaches. Find time to clean them then and there. At night clean your sink also with some kind of liquids. This will help you to avoid the stinking smell from the sink. Practice the use of the sink clog remover once in a week.

3. Making the bed

As soon as you wake up in the morning, do arrange your bed neatly. You can set aside the pillows, layout the bed sheets and quilts at their places. Never put used or washed clothes on the bed. Also, change your sheets and pillow covers every week for a hygiene sleeping habit.

4. Washing clothes

We can find out a load of clothes to wash daily in every house. Don’t keep it for the next day. Taking the dirty laundry daily and washing them will ease out the overburden of combined washing. Make sure to keep a laundry bag separately near your washing machine.

5. Study Area

This is a place where you need to apply all the organization tips. The home with kids definitely will find a lot of stuff to get arranged at this place. Find separate cabinets and drawers for them to keep their books and stationeries. And do clean and arrange the study table every day before going to bed for a fresh start the next morning.

6. Drawing Room

This is the first place where your guests will form the first impression of their hosts. The neat arrangements with cosy decorations make your guests more comfortable. Here, you just keep everything in its place all the time making them clutter-free.

7. Toiletries

Just occupy your toilet with minimal things. Ensure the disposal of the empty shampoo and oil bottles from the wrack. Also, don’t use it as a storehouse by keeping the extra toiletries in the bathroom.

8. Organize your wardrobes

Never mess up your wardrobe by accommodating all the clothes in one place. Arrange separate boxes for separate cloths. Labeling such boxes will help you next time to find out your clothes easily.

9. Rearrange the bookshelves

Try to find separate places for books of different genres. And always keep them in that particular position. Dust the tops and sides of the books once in a while.

10. Filing the papers

Another common clutter in different households will be important papers like bills, medical books, and certificates. Keep separate files for each category and name them.

“Take care of your home before impressing the streets.”


The unorganized and messy home will always spread negative energy in your life. Even knowing all these facts, people are finding it difficult to make it a practice. I hope you find this read a worthy one. Now quick – start your clean-up activities.

Rose Punja

About the Author

Loves coffee and animals. Is an extreme admirer of gardens and nature. When not bird watching, Rose prefers to blog and write about home improvements and wellness.